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Red Skinnies and Leopard

I got daring recently and paired leopard print with red-hot skinny jeans. The shirt is loose so it balances out the painted-on fit of the pants.

red skinnies

Top: Old Navy
Pants: Red Light Vintage
Shoes: Old Navy
Cuff: Lauren Harkness

It’s hard to believe I got this top at Old Navy. It doesn’t seem like the type of thing they’d sell. Perhaps that’s why it was in the clearance section. It’s sheer too, and since women over 40 aren’t supposed¬†to wear this sort of scandalous¬†attire, well, I had to! (Of course I don’t buy into notions of what women should or shouldn’t wear but I read about that sort of thing recently and wrote about it).

I wore this awesome Perry Ellis poncho over the top because it’s too cold in Seattle for sheer tops–at least in February. I picked it up at a clothing exchange recently.


Poncho: Perry Ellis via swapped


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