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Ten Years of Roller Derby

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Rat City Rollergirls, Seattle’s roller derby team. I can’t believe it’s been a decade. I was a founding member and it seems like yesterday.

It all started in 2004, when my friend Lilly asked a group of her friends (myself included) if we wanted to start a roller derby league with her. She’d fallen in love with the sport after watching the Texas Rollergirls play in Austin.

Meeting One was between Hurricane Lilly and two of her friends, Rae’s Hell and Dixie Dragstrip. Meeting Two expanded to seven. I remember meeting in a living room and planning what would become part of the fabric of Seattle–although we had no idea at the time.

founding members

We researched locations, looked into things like insurance and marketing, and planned fundraisers, media strategies and recruiting events. The league needed uniforms, coaches, managers, players–everything! It was almost a full-time job, and we all had jobs!

We were engineers, writers, developers, baristas, managers, you name it. We combined our skills and passion and built up the league from humble beginnings in a rink in White Center to Key Arena! I never played at the Key though. I played at the hangars at Magnusson in front of 1500 screaming fans, but after season one, I retired.

I’m Jean of all Trades, and I didn’t have the commitment to devote to one thing. I was busy with motorcycles, art, animal rights, and I had a boyfriend and friends to fit into the mix (not to mention a new job).

skates and helmet

But I’ll always remember the year and a half that I was Lady Die #83. I met powerful women, made great friends, and reached a level of athleticism I didn’t know I had.

Lady Die 83

I’d highly recommend catching a bout and celebrating season ten. Roller derby has exploded onto the scene in the last decade and there are other leagues in Washington State, the country, and all over the world. There’s probably one near you. If you go to a Rat City bout, you’ve got to cheer for Grave Danger, my former team.

grave danger season one

(starting back row, left to right) Edie Brickwall, Daisy Mayhem, PamOpticon, Lil’ Hateful, Sake Bomb, Bruise Lee, Lisa Lawless, Rettig to Rumble, Lady Die, Darcy Rant, Tashya Round, Ann Munition, Jinx (Photo by Lilly Warner)


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Red and Black Retrospective

All week I’ve showcased red and black outfits as part of Red and Black Week. A big thanks goes to Victorian Kitty for organizing the event and creating a great community of like-minded bloggers.

Red and Black Week

You’ve seen six different red and black looks from me this week so today I thought I’d show you the other times this past year when I wore red and black. Not because of a challenge–just because it’s a cool color combo.

red and black collage

And since I mentioned Grave Danger earlier this week, here’s me back in the day, in red and black, and kicking ass.


derby queen


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Adorable Blog Award

I am the proud recipient of the Adorable Blog Award. I received the award from fellow local Seattle blogger Deirdre of Pictures of People Wearing clothes.

Ten things about me

  1. I’m a first generation Canadian. My parents both emigrated to Canada (from Scotland and Germany) when they were kids.
  2. I lived in Germany for a year when I was ten. I learned the language and fell in love with the country.
  3. The first two albums I ever bought were Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall and Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual. They heavily influenced and shaped my musical tastes.
  4. I have my motorcycle endorsement. I don’t have a bike at the moment, but a sportbike was my main form of transportation for years; I also participated in track days at Pacific Raceways.
  5. I was a founding member of the Rat City Rollergirls and my skate name was Lady Die.
  6. I’d rather have dental work done than spend time with children (it’s nothing personal).
  7. I’d rather walk than take the bus (again, nothing personal).
  8. I used to run my own dog-walking and pet-sitting business.
  9. I have a lot more tattoos than you can see in my style photos (and I’m getting more).
  10. I’m married despite not really being a fan of the institution of marriage. I made an exception because my guy is so damn cute and doesn’t expect a traditional wife.


derby queen


I want to give this award to:

Real Girl Runway (for being so much fun to do a guest-post with)

The Boston Fashionista (for having great style with a smile)

Made to Travel (for recommending the book Half the Sky)


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