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Street Style: Better Than Flip-Flops

I try not to be a style snob. With fashion, my attitude is usually “anything goes.” But I do have a couple of pet peeves. One of which the flip-flop. I don’t mean nice flat, thong-toes sandals; I mean the rubber cheapies that ruin otherwise nice outfits. If you put any thought at all into your attire, please don’t stop at your ankle. For true H2T (head to toe) fabulousness, check out these alternatives:

red cutout

strappy and thong


white and braided


All of these styles go well with skirts and dresses as well as jeans and shorts. Their flat soles and airy uppers make these cool and summery. They’re all comfortable-looking, and look pulled-together, especially with a nice pedicure (with or without polish). The toe rings are a great touch—try one if you dare!

There’s a wide range of choices in sandals this summer—from die-cut to braided. And the color choice is amazing. Red is one of my favorites, but metallics are neutral and fun too. So try a pair instead of the usual flip-flip and take your summer style up a notch.

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Street Style: Sister Edition

Sisters share a unique bond. Or so I’m told—I don’t have as sister. But judging from these two pairs, there is something special between sisters. Even the way they pose for the camera, in physical proximity to each other, denotes their closeness—and that’s always in style.

These two women were out enjoying one of the many fairs that makes summer so much fun. I noticed their bold hair color right away. It’s a great shade of red and a true sign of confidence. They have the same LV bag (worn differently), and have similar but different strappy sandals. See how great sandals look with jeans and capris? I love their accessories too, especially how they show how to wear bangles and big earrings for day.


These twins are celebrating their Canadian and Danish heritage in red and white. And while they do look alike, they have their own take on things. Nothing says summer like white capris. Their bold glasses are a great touch. The frames are different and the style is distinct. And notice the white watch. It’s a great alternative to a black strap or metal band and looks really fresh when the temperatures rise.


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Vegan Posse on Broadway

My post title is a ripoff the title of a song (Posse on Broadway) on Sir Mix-a-Lot’s debut album, Swass. I just couldn’t resist. Sir Mix-a-Lot is a Seattle native and wrote the song about our Broadway, not the one in NYC.

The Seattle Broadway in the Capitol Hill neighborhood is where hubby and I spent the day. We lived in Capitol Hill when we first moved in together. It’s an eclectic, artsy neighborhood, and home to Seattle’s gay scene.

We first stopped at Highline, a vegan bar and diner, hubs had a bloody mary and biscuits and gravy. I had a tofu scramble and French toast. I like Highline. It’s got a punk rock, blue-collar vibe with no pretense.


Then we walked around the perimeter of a construction site. Perhaps not the most interesting thing in the world—unless you’re in Capitol Hill. The plywood walls that blocked off the 100′ hole in the ground (there’s an underground light rail tunnel being developed) were peppered with art. This must be a city-sanctioned project; every piece was attributed to an artist. My favorite was a mosaic by Cameron Larson made of bottle caps:


I liked the humor in the huge, wooden newspaper mural by Amanda Moore:


And Tim Marsden’s “Boom” made an impact:


On the way back to my car, we found a medicinal marijuana dispensary. They were closed:


Top: Old Navy
Pants: Bluenotes
Clutch: Crystalyn Kae
Scarf: Boutique in Portland
Socks: The Gap
Shoes: Bamboo

Sock and sandals are a “fashion don’t” but I’m liking the combo. I think this looks best with chunky heels though. Flats might look frumpy and delicate heels might look out-of-place unless the socks are thin. Do you dare wear socks and sandals? What other “don’ts” do you try?

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Sunshine on My Shoulder

If sunshine on his shoulder made John Denver happy, you can imagine my elation at this: I have a bright yellow shoulder bag and I just went to Santa Fe! Now, full disclosure: I was there this past weekend and I’m back already, but for the next few days, I’ll get you caught up on the happenings. I’ll start with an uneventful trip to the airport, aka, “what I wore on the plane.”

new mexico

A few weeks ago I bought a fabulous vegan shoulder bag in the brightest yellow possible. I found it at Strut, a shoe-and-accessory store in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood. The bag is by Portland designer, Michelle Kline. I couldn’t wait to use it, and thought it would be a great carry-on bag. Plus, in Santa Fe, it would be a great purse for my shopping trips and art gallery walks.

Last week I also picked up this tunic at Damselfly in Ballard. It could be worn as a dress, but I’d probably save that for fall and pair it with tights. It will make a great bathing suit cover-up in Santa Fe, and it’s a comfortable shirt to travel in.

yellow bag

loading the car

Tunic: Damselfly
Jeans: Bluenotes
Belt: Thrifted
Cuff: Gifted
Bag: Snap Design
Shoes: Timberland
Wrap: Street Vendor in NYC

I always try to pack light (one suitcase, carry-on size). I also try to pack items that I can mix and match so I have a lot of choices with a limited number of pieces. For Santa Fe, this included: cropped jeans, leggings, tunic, casual dress, evening dress, reversible skirt, three tank tops, maxi skirt, denim jacket, cardigan, bathing suit, ballet flats, flat sandals, chunky sandals, heels for evening, two wraps, sunglasses, shoulder bag, cross-body bag, clutch.

I could have packed less, but I wore all my pieces. During the day, the temperatures in Santa Fe were in the high 70s, but in the evenings it dropped to mid-40s. I needed a variety of styles (shopping, dining, galleries), and I needed layers.

One thing you shouldn’t forget, no matter where you are this spring and summer: Sunscreen. Sunburns and premature wrinkles (not to mention skin cancer) are never in style.

Tune in tomorrow for Shopping with Friends in Santa Fe.


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