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Scarf Top and Denim Capris

It’s hard to believe it’s October! The weather is in the 70s–and it still hasn’t rained! That’s about 70 days of dry.

capris and a scarf tshirt

Top: TJ Maxx
Tank: Old Navy
Capris: True Originals
Cuff: The Fashion Truck
Shoes: Chelsea Crew

I’m not complaining. I’m wearing a sheer, gauzy summer top that looks like two square scarves sewn together. It would be an easy shirt project, in fact. I know I said that last year and still haven’t tried it.

the shirt

I wore this last year with shorts and skinny jeans. I think it works with capris too. And of course, I had to wear my red sandals too. I love these–despite the fact that the cork is falling off. I promised to do a DIY tutorial on replacing the cork with sparkles–and I will (soon). Probably before I get around to making a shirt like this!

summery outfit

I’m participating in Visible Monday so head over to Not Dead Yet and check out all the other participants!


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