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Mad Art Homes Take over Seattle

Run, don’t walk, to the Mad Art Homes in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood! Until August 7, 2011, five soon-to-be demolished homes are works of art. Several artists were given access to the interior and exterior of the homes and have created installation pieces in, on, and in between them. Here’s a small sampling of the photos I took of the exhibit:


Sculptures adorn the lawns of the homes


The homes are wrapped in art


A mechanical wolf pops out of the floorboards at regular intervals


Paintings on globes appear whole when viewed on the monitor


Clothing lines the surfaces of the rooms in this house

This free, art exhibit is open to the public every day between 12 and 7. You can find them at 711 Bellevue Avenue East, Seattle, WA. It’s vibrant a residential neighborhood, made even more so for the next two weeks.

They might not be fit for inhabitation, but the homes have become a perfect canvas/gallery for art.

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Santa Fe Art Walk

Canyon Road is Santa Fe’s premier art district. It’s an old part of town and boasts over 100 galleries (and a smattering of shops and restaurants). It’s an incredible place. The rows of adobe houses-turned-galleries offer art to view and purchase. Of course there is classic Southwest art, but there are a lot of other styles too: abstract, photorealistic, sculpture, glass work, jewelry, pottery and more. Truly something for everybody.

To me, even the buildings on Canyon Road are pieces of art. I photographed the structures on the walking tour I took with my friends. It didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect.

turquoise door

blue window


On our walk, I noticed an unusually large quantity of animal sculptures. Mostly horses and cattle, with some bears and rabbits thrown in the mix. These animals seemed representative of the local fauna.


burro and scooter

dancing sheep

Yes, Laura, Cheryl, and Autumn are following the herd. It takes two to tango and apparently three to can-can. Well, four can play that game.


Dress: Forever 21 via thrifted
Wrap: NYC Street Vendor
Sunglasses: Target
Shoes: Timberland

Leave it to me to shift the conversation to fashion. Today, however, I saw a fashion/art connection, as you can see by the dresses at various galleries.

dress sculpture

dress as art

notes dress

Canyon Road was probably the highlight of my trip. At lunch, I had the best veggie burger in the world at The Tea House. It was homemade and so delicious. They make a mean latté too. On the way back, I couple of other pieces of art captured my attention: The honeycomb and bee pattern is similar to the dress Laura wore yesterday.


Glass is a popular art medium in the Pacific Northwest and that’s probably why these sculptures drew me to them.


Prices for art ranged from less than $100 to well into five digits. There was a variety of things to look at and a few pieces I could actually afford. Mostly, I found the day inspiring. I’ve already pulled out my paints and canvases and have a few plans. Just in case my plans fall through, I wrote down the number of one of the galleries. There’s a wonderful abstract painting at a manageable price—and they ship.


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Public Art Walk

Yesterday’s post was about the stylish people I ran into while wandering around Seattle. Today, I’ll let you know what I was up to when I wasn’t taking their pictures.

Mr. Jean of all Trades and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day. We parked at the edge of Belltown and explored the Olympic Sculpture Park—a wonderful public space with outdoor seating, paths and sculptures. It’s part of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM).

sculpture park

Jean with sculpture

Blazer: Laundry by Shelli Segal (thrifted)
Skirt: UNA Hand-crafted Fashion
Sunglasses: Target
: Kensington Market vendor, Toronto
Socks: Emily the Strange
Boots: Na-Na (via Hot Topic)
Purse: Sandra’s Satchels (gifted)

We walked down First Avenue, each with a camera, and took pictures of interesting signs, buildings and things. We continued past Pike Place Market, and ended up at the Seattle Art Museum. We didn’t go into the SAM this time, but we’re members so we’ll be back soon.

fountain on 1st

apartment sign

grafitti wall

On our way back to the car, I found the stylish people I photographed for yesterday’s post. Then, my husband and I went to another Seattle neighborhood—Ballard—for an early dinner at India Bistro. I saw a lot of people in Ballard whose pictures I wanted to take, but I thought I shouldn’t jump up from dinner and run into the street with my camera.

I now know that the people passing through Buffalo Exchange are excellent street style candidates—and why not? It’s a great second-hand shop where stylish people in the know go to get great finds. More about them another time.

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