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Dressing for the Fashion Show

I try to keep my posts interesting and different. However, I don’t actually wear something different every day. In fact, I like to show how to remix apparel and get lots of use out of key pieces.

This Selma Karaca dress is an example of how I’ve been reusing the same dress. I wore this dress to a Halloween wedding in New Orleans last year, and again this spring for the Everybody, Everywear challenge. I also wore it this past weekend to the Zebra Club fashion show.

purple dress

Dress: Selma Karaca
Jacket: Newport News
Earrings: Gifted
Rings: Fuego
Bracelets: Damselfly
Clutch: Thrifted
Boots Thrifted

I chose this dress mainly because the theme of the fashion show was “vintage boudoir.” I thought the lace added the boudoir element and the jacket was vintage in its cut.


jewelry details

Next time I wear this, I’ll try dressing it way down. Perhaps pairing it with tights and a denim jacket. When I do, you’ll see it here.

press pass


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Purple Lace: Tiny Hat Optional

The June challenge by Everybody, Everywear is lace. And I thought florals were tough! I don’t have a lot of lace. I had a lace cami that used for the winter 2011 edition of the 30 for 30 challenge. I regretted that and I’ve since given away the top. I have a floor-length black lace skirt, but that didn’t seem spring-like. Then I remembered The Dress.

This amazing dress is made from strips of fabric stitched together in a way that would make a Tim Burton character proud. It’s a Selma Karaca. She’s a New York-based designer! I also have a top from her.

Selma dress

selma up close

Dress: Selma Karaca
Necklace: Claire’s
Clutch: Thrifted
Shoes: Nine West via thrifted

I didn’t have an occasion in mind when I bought this but when a Seattle boutique owner decided to retire and had a 70% off sale, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Turns out, this dress came in handy when I was invited to a Halloween evening wedding in New Orleans. I wore it to the wedding, gothed it up a bit with a skeleton cameo I found on eBay, black nail polish, and DIY tiny hat. I bought the hat at a craft store and embellished it with black ribbon and a spiderweb brooch.

jean in NOLA


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Dress Up, Dress Down: White Jeans

I’m Jean White, so I find it humorous to write about white jeans. The first time I did a vanity search for myself with my married name (c’mon, we’ve all done it: you’ve gone to a search engine and typed your name), instead of finding me, all I saw was a page full of pictures of white jeans. I can’t complain. It’s harder for potential employers to find incriminating photos of me among all those pants (I kid—there are no incriminating photos of me).

Sometimes I want to go from work to social events and I don’t want to change outfits. Here’s what I did recently. I’ll start with the social look.

I love this top—It’s a Selma Karaca. She’s a New York-based designer and sews strips of fabric into amazing tops and dresses. I bought it in a boutique in Seattle that recently closed.

white jeans

TopSelma Karaca
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Bass
Clutch: Clothing exchange
Necklace as bracelet: Mary Kay

The top is too low-cut for work, so I flipped it around and put the scoop in the back. Then I added a coordinating cardigan. I wrapped an orange scarf around my neck and off I went. In the evening, before happy hour, I removed the cardigan and flipped the shirt around again.

scarf and jeans

Cardigan: Thrifted
Scarf: NYC street vendor

On days like this, I put my essentials in a clutch and throw the clutch into a laptop bag. That way I have everything I need for evening and can still go to work looking like a professional.

Do you have any tips for day-to-evening wear?

Here’s the poem of the day, in honor of National Poetry Month:

The Leaves like Women interchange
by Emily Dickinson

The Leaves like Women interchange
Exclusive Confidence —
Somewhat of nods and somewhat
Portentous inference.

The Parties in both cases
Enjoining secrecy —
Inviolable compact
To notoriety.


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