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Shadow Shot: Savannah

I enjoy writing posts about art and I enjoy taking pictures and the Shadow Shot challenge is a way to participate in both. Why then, have I neglected my shadow shots for so long? I hope to make up for lost time with a few shots from Savannah, Georgia.

I visited Savannah last month on the annual trip I take with a few friends. What a gorgeous city–and full of history! We enjoyed wandering through the historic part of town and snapping shots of brick and ironwork.

American flag


I’m always happy when I see palm trees–it means winters can’t be that harsh.

Mansion on Forsythe Park

The skies were blue and the weather was perfect–mid 80s (mid 30s for all you Celsius folks!).


Is it the shadows or do those cherubs look angry?


We found a lot of tattoo parlors, each with interesting signs. Here’s one of my favorites.


Even misplaced recycling looks nice with the sun shining on it.

blue bottle

We imbibed too, at a second-story bar next to our hotel, The Mansion at Forsythe Park. I’m so glad I didn’t find out until after our visit that the hotel was built on a cemetery and the bar was once a funeral parlor. Yikes!


By day, the hotel doesn’t seem haunted at all. The pool was in a relaxing courtyard surrounded by palm trees.


Savannah is a wonderful city and I’ll add other posts soon too: The fashions, the beach, the Scottish Highland Games–we had a fun and busy weekend and I can’t wait to share more pictures with you.


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Shadow Shot: Factory Ruins

I’ve neglected Shadow Shot Sunday almost as much as the owners of this factory neglected their property. And look what happened to that! It fell apart, but in a beautiful, shadowy way.



I like how I didn’t have to do anything to these shots. The light was great and the subject matter was so monochromatic that some of these shots seem sepia-tone.

fallen fence

decaying cardboard

This time last year, my dad was in Jamestown NY for Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday celebration. He captured excellent shadow shots of an abandoned factory. This was my turn. Nothing as cool as what he found though. Just a Seattle warehouse a few weeks before it was razed.



Check out the other shadow shots that people submitted this week.


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Shadow Shot: Eye Spy

Time for another Shadow Shot Sunday (it’s Sunday in Australia, home of the shadow shots). Today I gathered a few images related to eyes and spying.

Theses first two pictures were experimental shots taken through the peep-hole on my front door. They’re both quite different. I like the shadows cascading onto my doorstep and the fish-eye distortion.

eye spy

peep hole

This eyeball sculpture was in a downtown Pittsburgh park. I shot it when I visited Steeltown in 2010. Oddly, Seattle has a few eyeballs like this too. I don’t know who the artist is, but I will try to find out. I’d like to compile shot of these eyeballs in many cities.

eye sculpture

Finally, closer to home (or rather in my home): I walked into my kitchen a few months ago and saw a pair of spooky eyes staring at me. They were reflections from the metal lids of two canisters I keep on my counter. Who’s watching you?

evil eyes

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Shadow Shot: Florida Palms

It’s been a while since I took part in a Shadow Shot group post. Maybe because Seattle hasn’t seen sun in so long and without sun, it’s hard to find shadows. Lucky for me, I was recently in Florida: The Sunshine State. Here are a few photos that are distinctly tropical–and shadowy.

For me, anything Thunderbird is such a throwback to the America of yesteryear. I picture a stylish, early 60s-era couple–she’s wearing cat-eye sunglasses, a pretty dress and white gloves; he has on a tailored suit with a narrow tie. They’re rolling into the drive-in in a 1963 Cadillac convertible. It probably never happened, but I like to think it did. This is the back of a drive-in screen in Fort Lauderdale.


These trees were growing outside the entrance to a condo complex in Pompano Beach. To residents, they’re probably nothing special, but they’re so foreign and different to a cold-weather gal like myself. I love how they represent warmth and sunshine to me.

palm trees

The sunsets in Florida were picture-perfect. Every night the sky lit up with gorgeous shades of pink and blue. I love the pastel painted buildings in Florida but they paled in comparison to the sunsets.



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Shadow Shot: Oregon Travels

I recently visited the Oregon coast and Portland, Oregon with my husband and dog. Oregon is a beautiful state south of Washington and north of California. It has great, windswept beaches, gorgeous mountain ranges, fantastic forests, a hot desert region, and cool cities. It’s prime wine country too.

We started in Cannon Beach, a tiny town and beach along the Pacific Ocean in the northwest corner of Oregon. The first recorded visit to Cannon beach was by William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Of course, the Tilamook Indians already lived here.

Cannon Beach

Terrence and Frankie walked ahead of me on the wide, sandy beach. I like how instead of shadows, they are reflected in the wet sand. We stayed in a quaint cottage right next to the beach. The “tsunami zone” signs worried me a bit but the location was prime.


Portland is an hour inland. We drove along a twisty, two-lane highway through a forest, back to the interstate, and on to the city. Hats off to this town of half a million and their dedication to public art.

metal hat sculpture

The architecture in downtown Portland is wonderful. If you visit, you’re in for a treat. You’ll find plenty of shopping, restaurants, parks, and a live music scene that will keep you busy any night of the week.

fire escapes

Hey Harriet has a wonderful weekly photo challenge so people can submit their shadowy shots—pictures that show the play of light and dark. Check out her site for lots of inspiring photography.


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Shadow Shot: Glassy Reflection

Hey Harriet has a wonderful weekly photo challenge where lots of people submit their shadowy shots—pictures that show the play of light and dark.

This week, I want to share a neat shadow cast by a clear glass lamp. I never really thought of something translucent having much of a shadow, but this glass lamp does. In fact, the shadow is more prominent than the lamp itself.


glassy shadow

I found the lamp hanging in the window of Quoin, a bar that together with Revel, a restaurant, occupy the building at 36th St. and Phinney Ave. in Seattle’s eclectic Fremont neighborhood.

The yellow wall behind the lamp serves as an ideal frame. It contrasts against the shadow nicely and helps the shadow pop out of an otherwise dark scene.

I also like that the telephone wires and trees outside are reflected on the window, further merging the elements of indoors and out onto one pane of glass. It’s a peek inside and a display of the exterior.

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Shadow Shot: Dog Days

I’m getting artsy on you again. It’s time for another Shadow Shot post. Don’t forget to check out all the others over at Hey Harriet.

Before you chide me for featuring pet pictures, hear me out: Over the years, I’ve been intrigued by the shadows my dog casts. I love how his shadows distort him and make him seem like a little monster. Here are a few of my favorites:

sandy dog

shadowy dog

cherry blossom dog

bridge dog

pensive dog

The sandy shot was taken at Cannon Beach in Oregon. The glass bridge crosses the Sacramento River in Redding, California.

Not only is Frankie my muse, assistant, and subject, he’s also an artist in his own right. Have a look at the photos he “took” recently.


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Shadow Shot: Trellises and Walkways

I’m starting to participate in Shadow Shot Sunday, a photography challenge over at Hey Harriet. I might call mine Shadow Show Saturday because I’m in Seattle on PST and I’m 15 hours behind Australia! If I wait until Sunday, It’ll be Monday everywhere else in the world.

This is an art-related post (I am, after all Jean of all Trades). You’ll see some fashion shots here, but most won’t be. All the pictures I post for this challenge will show the interplay between light and shadow (that definitely fits my style blog theme). I really enjoy shooting shadows, and have a few in my bag already. Let me know what you think. Here’s the first set:

gilman village



I shot these over the past couple of years. The first is most recent. It’s the trellis at Gilman Village, a quaint, olde timey shopping area in Issaquah, Washington. The second is the bridge that joins two department stores and saves shoppers from having to brave te elements. It’s in Portland, Oregon. Finally, the Seattle Arboretum. It’s another trellis, and the shadows it created captivated me.


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