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Getting Dressed with a Little Help from my Friends

They don’t know it (yet) but this outfit came together with some help from The Boston Fashionista (AKA Kristen) and Bright Tights, Cloudy City (AKA Emily). You see, they’d both commented about these pieces in previous posts.

belted dress

Dress: Wish, Seattle
Belt: Part of another dress
Tank: Wet Seal
Bag: Shiraleah
Shoes: Flexx

Kristen saw this dress when I styled it for three seasons. She said it would also look good belted. How right she was! I grabbed this faux suede tie-belt from my chartreuse dress. When belts are included with an outfit I usually break them apart and wear them separately.

Emily saw my Flexx shoes in another post. She said she’d never heard of the company and was going to search for them online. Curiosity got the best of me and I searched online to see what Emily would find. Well, I found my Flexx shoes at Endless.com—on sale! Originally, I saw the shoes in three colors in a shoe store Santa Fe. I loved the periwinkle best but thought black was safe. Plus, they weren’t cheap so I could choose only one pair.

Flexx shoes and Shiraleah bag

The sale at Endless was too good to turn down so I picked up this neutral pair—and the periwinkle! I’m so glad I did. I’d been looking for a replacement pair of comfortable wedges (I’d walked so many miles in my old Aerosoles that they were literally falling apart). Now that I’ve had the summer to test drive this style, I could safely buy the others, knowing they’d get a lot of wear.

Thanks to both of you for the styling tips! I promise to show off the other shoes very soon.

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Khaki and Yellow

I really do wear a lot of blazers. When I wear jeans and a t-shirt, I feel horribly underdressed, especially for work. Throw on a blazer, and presto! Instant style. Today I wore a tried-and-true blazer over a yellow t-shirt and my go-to jeans. I felt I needed more color so I grabbed one of my vegan bags from my trip to Endless Knot a month or so ago. It wasn’t totally practical for work, but it held my essentials. My laptop was already at the office.


orange clutch

Blazer: Forever 21
T-shirt: Thrifted
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Clutch: Shiraleah
Shoes: Timberland
Necklace: Fremont Sunday Market

The only thing missing is lipstick. It’s funny how photos reveal things that a mirror doesn’t. So far, thanks to the self-portraits for this blog, I’ve noticed a few gaffes. I need to wear a camisole under my thin burgundy top (too transparent); I don’t look good in empire-waist dresses (too maternity-ish); I need to wear lipstick more often (pop of color).


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Tattoo Dress and Blue Tights

I am a woman of contradictions. I’ve said (many times now) that I shouldn’t wear clothes with empire waists. And here’s yet another item with such a cut. I take it all back. Rather than looking pregnant, I think this cut makes my legs look long. Lemons into lemonade. I also said blue tights were too Avatar, and here I am wearing them again. Never say never.

tattoo dress


The pattern of this dress drew me to it. It’s a tattoo-inspired hearts-and-lovebirds design and I thought it fancied up an otherwise plain black dress. I like the fact that I’m wearing a $20 dress with $700 shoes. How’s that for a contradiction? Of course I didn’t pay that much for the shoes; new, that’s what they’d be.

In addition to saving money, buying second-hand leather goods aligns more with my philosophy. I don’t like buying new leather products when there are so many great vegan options out there (like the vegan bag) I’m using today.


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Thrifty Thursday: Neutrals and Tights

It’s May, and I hope this is the last time I wear tights until fall. I love winter clothes, but I’m happy to retiring them for a while. It’s been a long winter.

This outfit was a test to see if I could use a skirt that I picked up at a clothing exchange. It’s an odd color (or lack thereof) and I thought wearing it bare-legged might see like I was not wearing anything! So I added tights and boots in a contrasting color.

I’m not all about matching, but I was happy that the vegan purse I bought in Canada on a trip to visit family last year matched the skirt nicely. I call the color oatmeal (because it sounds better than beige).

skirt and boots

Top: Old Navy ($10)
Skirt: Swapped ($0)
Tights: Roots Canada ($12)
Boots: Thrifted ($8)
Bag: Shiraleah ($38)
Necklace: Imani ($22)

red wall

I added my Imani necklace for a bit of color in this otherwise neutral outfit. The necklace is made out of recycled magazines by Ugandan women. You can read more about them on the Imani site and on my blog post about Imani.

Because this outfit was put together on the cheap, I didn’t feel guilty at all heading to Silver Platters to buy a few used CDs. I picked up Franz Ferdinand, Cyndi Lauper, New Order, and Annie Lennox. I can’t be the only one who buys CDs more often than downloads songs, can I?


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Bags, Glorious Vegan Bags

I’m in bag heaven!clutch

Last weekend, when I was downtown Seattle looking at art, I took a detour into Endless Knot, a small, eclectic women’s boutique on First Avenue in the Belltown neighborhood and bought two fabulous purses.

I’m not sure why I hadn’t gone into the shop before. They have a great selection of unique clothing and accessories. Lots of great dresses and separates, and jewelry too. I will definitely be back.

I was somewhat constrained by time, so I made an agreement with myself not to try anything on. If I went down that road, I’d be a while. So I stuck to idea-gathering and accessory-shopping. I noticed a few nice bags, and passed them over. On my second lap of the store, I returned to them. I felt the soft, smooth leather…wait, that’s not leather. Is it?

wine cross-body bagI don’t eat animals, so I figured it makes sense to not wear them either. I strive to buy ethical, green, non-animal-product clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Sometimes I falter, but I’m usually pretty good about it. And why not? It’s easier than ever to find faux fashions (well, the fashions are real, the materials are faux). When I found the rich-looking jewel-toned purses by shiraleah—and then read the label— felt I didn’t have a choice but to vote with my dollars.

The burnt orange clutch with deep chocolate accents and silver-tone hardware is lined with striped brown and cream cotton fabric and zips closed. It’s actually double the size that it appears because it’s a fold-over clutch; it holds together with magnets discretely hidden within. It was $32.

The wine-colored cross-body bag has black accents and a plaid lining. It has an extra strap so I can change it to a shoulder bag. It was $86. These bags will be making appearances in my outfit photos soon, you’ll see.

I bought a smaller, stone-colored, three zipper cross-body bag by shiraleah when I visited my family in Canada last summer. So my shiraleah vegan purse collection is complete (for now).


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