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Style Challenge: Fringed Blanket Top

When my mom came for a visit recently, she came bearing gifts. This top was one of her presents. I like that it has a Native American-inspired design, and looks more like a woven pattern than a knit. The fringes add a neat western flare. fringed top, two ways I paired my top with faded, bootcut jeans and a low-heeled bootie. top with light, bootcut jeans

Top: Ralph Lauren Jeans: Jessica Simpson via swapped Vegan suede shoes: Novacas Cuff: Lauren Harkness

My mom wore darker denim leggings and my knee-high boots (that’s the secret to how she packs light–she just raids my closet when she gets here!). top with darker leggings

Top: Ralph Lauren Leggings: Hue Faux leather boots: Kelly & Katie Bracelets: Cost Plus World Market

There’s no winner in our style challenge. We just wanted to show a couple of ways to change up a look and make an outfit look different. It’s always nice to have a few ways to wear an item so you know you’ll get lots of use out of it. I’m joining Sydney Fashion Hunter, Fashion Should be Fun, Happiness at Midlife and Style Sessions for linkups. See what all the others are wearing!


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Style Challenge: Tartan Top Two Ways

You might be aware that my mom loves it when we dress alike. I happen to not like wearing the same thing as someone else. She started the habit when I was too young to know better. Now, I do it only occasionally–just to indulge her. Personally, I like having my own style and take on things.

Thankfully, during her recent visit we came to a compromise. A style challenge!

tartan and denim


Blouses: Bliss Seattle
Pants: Lucky and Hue
Boots: Cri de Coeur and MIA
Necklaces: Thrifted and Fremont Sunday Market

This shirt caught our eyes because it’s such a unique cut. My mom focused on the blue in the top and paired it with dark denim leggings. The flowy top balances the skinny pants nicely.

mom in tartan


The wrap-style front and shirt-tails added a feminine flair to what might otherwise be a regular plaid shirt. The white running through it inspired me to pair it with my wide, white jeans. To keep from looking sloppy, I half-tucked the top into my pants.

my take on the top

We do have similar tastes and we tend to like a lot of the same things. (During my mom’s visit we did a bit of shopping and bought the same leggings, necklaces, sweaters, tights, jackets, tunics, blouses.) But now, instead of twinsies (AKA Thing One and Thing Two), we can show our own take on an item of clothing.

I’m linking up with Fashion Should be Fun, Passion for Fashion, and Happiness at Midlife. See what all the others are wearing!


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Basketweave Shirt and Skinny Jeans

I get so many clothes at clothing exchanges, thrift stores, or clearance racks. But I paid full price for this shirt. It’s from Damselfly, a little shop in Seattle and was quite reasonable.

basketweave shirt

Top: Damselfly
Jeans: Betabrand
Jacket: Forever 21
Boots: DSW

I wore this hi-low top with skinny jeans. On it’s own, it’s a pretty pattern, with nice colors. I toughened it up with studded boots and a faux leather jacket. It was the perfect casual weekend outfit for a wine-tasting tour.top with jeans

These studded boots are becoming part of my uniform. I wore them constantly in New York (with bare legs and dresses) and now I’m choosing them over other shoes with pants. I liked them so much, I went back to DSW and bought a backup pair! It’s not often I find comfortable, stylish vegan shoes for such a great price! When I need a replacement, DSW might not carry them anymore, but now I’m set!

jacket and boots

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this jacket too. It was from Forever 21–nothing groundbreaking–but it’s got a neat combination of faux leather sleeves and fabric bodice.

go-to look

Do you have a go-to look?



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Endless Summer

I don’t like fall. There. I said it. All my friends are celebrating the changing leaves and sweater weather with pumpkin spice lattés and I’m having none of it! Seattle had a terrific summer. Warm, but not humid. Sunny but not hot. Mid 80s from May through September. I could count the rainy days on one hand. Even now, it’s not time for a coat.

orange and blue

Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: H&M
Belt: Steve Madden

If I had my way, it would be summer forever. Sure the autumn colors are pretty but the days are getting shorter and the nights are cool. Winter will be here soon, and that bums me out.

thrifted top

These photos are from a month or so ago, when I was enjoying my backyard oasis. I still hang out there with my dog, but the garden has faded. My top, however, is still bright.

balancing act

I bought this at a thrift store–despite it being two sizes too big. I just couldn’t resist the little shoe pattern! For my first attempt, I belted it. I might take it in at the waist–or maybe completely transform it into a skirt, a scarf, who knows?

shoe pattern

Such a big, busy top needed a simple, streamlined bottom so I wore skinny jeans and nude ballet flats.

I’ll be switching to fall clothes soon, but I’ll cope. I’m counting down the days till spring!

I’m joining The Penniless Socialite for Favorite Fashion Friday, and Rachel the Hat for Passion for Fashion. See what the others are wearing!


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Blazer and Handkerchief Top

Here’s a thrifty look that’s polished enough for work: A blazer and top with black skinny jeans and boots.

blazer and black pants

Blazer: Express via swapped
Top: Swapped
Jeans: Gap
Necklace: Gifted
Boots: Diba (from DSW)
Bag: Susan Nicole

I picked up the top and blazer at a clothing swap and paired them with my black skinny jeans and a pair of faux leather booties I recently bought.

handkerchief top with black pants

The icing on the cake: This fantastic vegan leather bag by Susan Nicole. Can you believe I won it in a raffle? I wrote about the event (Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals) and blogged about the bag in a previous post, but I still can’t believe I won this! It’s very luxurious.

Susan Nicole bag

Blazers really pull an outfit together. They’re great with pants and skirts, and perfect for cool, air conditioned offices. I love them and I promise to wear them more often!

the top, revealed

The top, which reminds me of a pattern you might see on a fancy scarf, matched really well with my crow necklace. My friend Cheryl (not Cheryl Crow–ha!) gave this to me and it’s a perfect piece for this outfit. Plus, I have two special crow friends who stop by for treats. They know I’m a fan!

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Citrus Sweater and Cords

Yellow and gray–again? I know! I wore this color combo a few weeks ago.

citrus and gray

Sweater: Marshall’s
Jeans: Big Star via swapped
Boots: Cri de Coeur
Clutch: Alchemy Goods
Necklace: Florida shop
Cuff: Rogue City Killers

Both outfits feature metallic boots, but these have a heel and are slightly dressier than my silver combat-style boots. And this time, I opted for pants instead of a skirt. The pants are from a clothing exchange I went to recently. I’d never heard of Big Star but they fit great, so I took them. Turns out they’re over $130. Score!

yellow sweater with pants

My necklace was sewn onto a top I bought in Florida. I cut the stitches keeping the two items together and now I wear them separately. How would I have washed the top with jewelry still attached?

necklace, cuff and clutch

Despite being the brightest, acid yellow, I get a lot of wear out of this sweater. I do like pairing it with gray, but I’ll show you soon how I wear it other ways too–with denim, floral, black, white…

cords and recycled rubber

I’m joining linkups today: Monday Bloom and Style Elixir. Check out what everyone is wearing!


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Blue Suede* Shoes

The Camilas are out! I love this evergreen bush, but I especially love it for the few weeks each spring when its pretty pink flowers bloom.

outfit collage

I wore my blue (faux) suede shoes with skinny jeans and a bright sweater. In the past I’ve paired these surprisingly comfortable shoes with skirts, but they work with pants too.

denim and platforms

Sweater: Target
Tank: Old Navy
Belt: Truth Belts
Shoes: Payless
Jackets: H&M

Of course I’m super tall in them–almost six feet tall–and it’s a lot of fun. I’d never look down on anyone, but I do love towering over everyone sometimes.

biker jacket and jeans

My velvet biker jacket comes in handy on nice (but cool) spring days. It’s still technically winter but spring will be here any moment! Today we had sun, rain, more sun, a bit of hail, and some clouds.

layered look for spring

I joined DC in Style and Style Sessions today for blog linkups. Check out what all the others are wearing!


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Leopard in the Olive Garden

I referenced my olive jeans in the title of this post and my mind kept reading “olive garden.” I changed the title so it included “leopard” instead and it sounded like there was a leopard in the garden. I give up. I’ll embrace the humor!

Spring is almost here. I can taste it. Usually, the only hints are rain, rain, and more rain, but a bit of warmth from the sun never hurts.

leopard top with red belt

Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Just USA
Boots: Novacas
Belt: Couch Guitar
Watch: Timex
Bracelets: Various shops
Purse: Crystalyn Kae

I’m always one to cover up with sunscreen but after so much gray, I was happy for a few rays. A little Vitamin D is good this time of year.

olive skinnies

I took advantage of the sun and warmth to have a look around my garden. It’s going to need a lot of work, but surprisingly, a lot of things live throughout the winter. And many flowers will start blooming on their own. I’ll fill in whatever’s missing with plants from the nursery.

in the garden

This isn’t a gardening outfit, but it worked just fine for a peek at the garden for a pre-spring assessment. I’ve worn this shirt with red pants before, so I knew a red belt would work. I wore my olive skinnies because I love olive and red and because the olive was another neutral to balance out the top. The boots pull in shades from my top too.

neutrals and red

An arm party is a fun way to accessorize. I wore my Timex and threw in a few stretchy beaded bracelets in colors that matched my outfit.

watch and bracelets

I’m joining Monday Bloom today. See what everyone else is wearing.


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Head to Toe Gray

Today I’m wearing gray. Usually I like wearing color to contrast the gray Seattle winter but I don’t mind blending in sometimes. Call it camouflage for the Pacific Northwest.

hat, boots, jeans

Hat: Forever 21
Sweater: Wet Seal
JeansSonas Denim
Flannel boots: Groupon

Every winter wardrobe needs a beanie (or toque, as we call them in Canada). I usually wear one to keep warm, but it’s a fun fashion item too. I ditched my jacket to show off the velvet skull on my shirt.

skull shirt

My jeans are from Sonas Denim and I got them as part of a Kickstarter campaign. Sonas was raising funds for their new line so in exchange for a donation, I got these. Sonas is a vegan-run company intent on keeping their environmental footprint small. They recycle everything (even scraps of denim), give 10% of profits to animal welfare groups, and have plans to fund an animal sanctuary.

Sonas Denim

When I contributed to the Kickstarter, I got to communicate with the founder himself, Gerry Kelly. I can’t say that happens very often!

all gray outfit

I love my Sonas (I bought a second pair in black waxed cotton for a dressier, almost leather-look) so even on a gray, day, I’m happy–which is what Sonas means in Gaelic!

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Peasant Blouse and Olive Skinnies

This past fall, I wore this white embroidered blouse with these same boots and with shorts. I wanted to style it for cooler days, so I kept the outfit the same and replaced the shorts with olive skinnies.

white blouse

Shirt: Bébénoir
Jeans: Just USA
Boots: MIA
Bag: Matt & Nat
Ring: Silk Wire Jewelry
Cuff: Lauren Harkness

Everything else is the same (well, I forgot my necklace). I like experimenting with small changes to see how big a different I can make with an outfit. It goes to show that I don’t need that many items to mix and match and create new looks.

That said, I do enjoy shopping for new pieces. The blouse was a piece I picked up in NYC this past summer. But a white shirt is a classic, and a key piece for any wardrobe. This is a twist on a classic and it’s great to have in rotation.

blouse with skinnies

Unlike its classic cousin, this blouse doesn’t button up. It’s a pullover style and being such a relaxed fix, I feel like it doesn’t need to be ironed crisp.

It’s got a neat back opening that I promise to show next time I wear it.

brown accessories

I’m joining Style Elixir, Elizabeth Nygard, The Life of the Party, and Lena B Actually and Rachel the Hat for linkups. Phew! Check out all the other bloggers and see what they’re wearing.


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