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Stylish Blogger Award

I was recently awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from Patti at Learn More Everyday. Patti writes an inspiring blog, full of joy and reflection. She loves nature and the beauty around her. I appreciate the nomination and recommend her blog.

In turn, I’m paying it forward. I plan to meet the rules by recommending 15 bloggers for the award. It’s a great way to share blogs with readers and be part of a community.

The Adventures of Lucky Duck is a bird’s-eye view of travel, technology, fashion, and more. The brains behind the bird, writes this tongue-in-beak lifestyle blog in a way that will make you laugh—and also show you a thing or two.

The Sustainable Fashionista shows how to make ethical fashion choices and still have fun with your wardrobe. She chronicles her ethical finds and the challenges of finding ethical pieces.

And finally—and I know I’m taking the easy way out—I’d like to point you to the Seattle Style Bloggers page, courtesy of Lindsay Living. Here, you’ll find over 20 Seattle-area bloggers (including Lindsay) who are smart, funny and stylish—despite living in a rain-soaked corner of the country.

Here are seven stylish secrets about me that most people don’t know:

  • When I was young, say 5 or 6, I used to name my clothing after songs.
  • I’m a lefty, but I play right-handed guitar (not well, mind you).
  • In 7th grade I was a member of the Fashion Club.
  • In middle school, I enjoyed shop class more than home economics.
  • I dropped out of high school, completed my final year via correspondence, and went to university on time, with my peers.
  • I once had hair extensions; they drove me crazy. I lasted 6 weeks.
  • I have a wedding ring tattooed on my left ring finger.

jean with extensions


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