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Sushi Day

Today is Sushi Day. I didn’t make that up, but since sushi is one of my favorite foods, I’d thought I ‘d join in the celebration.

veggie sushi

As as vegan, you might wonder what the heck I eat at a sushi place. Well, a lot! My absolute favorite is the simple, yet delicious avocado roll. Kapa maki, cucumber rolls, are a nice crunchy treat too. A lot of Japanese restaurants will have some sort of veggie roll, usually carrots, asparagus, beets, or some other yummy combination wrapped in rice and nori. Nori is a type of seaweed and is high in protein, fiber, iodine, carotene, vitamins A, B and C, E, K, and calcium and iron. Screw you milk and organ meats! I’ve got nori!

I like agedashi tofu and edamame too. Edamame is boiled soy beans in the pod, lightly salted. Pop them out of their casing and enjoy. It’s really easy to make at home too. Trader Joe’s and other markets sell them frozen and ready to cook. They take just a few minutes to make. Tempura veggies are delicious too. Sometimes the batter contains eggs, so ask if you’re concerned about that. Seaweed salad, Yakisoba noodles (stir fried with veggie, not meat), and miso soup are also great choices.

sushi plates

I recently discovered the ninja roll at Bellevue’s Tuna House. It’s a spicy avocado roll with tempura on top. It’s becoming my new favorite. I also like eating at Hiroshi’s in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood. They have live Jazz on Fridays. The Seattle location of I Love Sushi is right on the waterfront and has a great view of Lake Union. Mashiko’s in West Seattle has a lot of vegan options, including all-veggie bento box meals. They also have a webcam so you can check out the bar in real-time.

The best part about Blue C Sushi is the conveyor belt. See it, take it, and eat it. The plates are color-coordinated to the price chart so you can keep track of your tab. Blue C also has mini Mighty O donuts. No, they’re not Japanese, but they are organic, vegan, and delicious. It’s a great little after-sushi dessert.

Don’t forget to order a nice hot sake with your meal. It’s a rice-base, alcoholic beverage. You can order it cold, but the hot version has a bit of kick. In the words of my dad, it’s potent!

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