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Stripes and Neutrals

Here’s a head to toe thrifty look:


Jacket: The Gap via swapped
Top: Swapped
Pants: Calvin Klein via Swapped
Earrings: Premier Designs
Cuff: Lauren Harkness
Shoes: Flexx

I got the jacket, pants, and top at a clothing exchange recently. What a deal–free clothes! My shoes were on sale at Endless.com and were closer to $40 than their original $140 price tag.

earthy srtipes

After I wore this outfit all day and took off the jacket, I realized that it was a maternity jacket! Oh well, it’s still cute and I thought the boxy shape was a nod to 1950s-styled cropped coats.

sleeveless sweater

First I wore a belly band to make too-small pants fit and now I’m wearing a maternity top. Oh my! Despite what it looks like, I’m not having a kid! I just borrow ideas and styles from ladies with baby bumps.


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Thrifty Thursday: Teal and Denim Swapped Look

I love a bargain, and I like reducing my environmental footprint. That’s why I enjoy thrifting and swapping: They’re great ways to keep clothing out of the landfills and reduce commercial waste (manufacturing clothing uses a lot of resources). Here’s an outfit that I recently got for free at a clothing exchange.

swapped outfit

teal and gray

Jacket: swapped
Jeans: Gap via swapped
T-shirt: Target
Boots: Dr. Martens
Necklace: Reconstructed Clothing Co.

The teal, cotton jacket was a Brooklyn NY find but didn’t get enough wear so its owner brought it to a clothing exchange I recently went to. The gray jeans were too snug for their original recipient so I grabbed them. I already owned the t-shirt, boots, and necklace. The necklace, however, is made from a recycled ticket, so it counts as part of the ethical portion of this outfit.

upcycled necklace

I recently joined the Ethical Fashion Bloggers, run by Ceri over at Style Eyes, so I can share my ideas and get lots of new ones. Check out what’s going on over there for neat ideas you can use too.

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