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White Shorts and a Sweater

I love the look of a long-sleeved top with shorts. But it’s not always practical. If it’s cool enough for a sweater, it’s usually too cold for shorts. If it’s hot enough for shorts, who wants to wear a sweater?

coral sweater

Sweater: H&M
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: BHAVA Studio
Sunglasses: Convenience Store

On a summer day with a bit of cloud coverage, I knew this combo would work. As the sun set, I was right. My legs weren’t too cold, and the cotton sweater was perfect in summer evening.

shorts and a sweater

I chose my white jean shorts because they’re sturdy (aka not transparent). A lot of white fabrics are sheer and seams and underwear show through. White denim is a perfect solution.

white shorts

My BHAVA shooties are making another appearance. I predicted they would, they’re just so comfortable and versatile!

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White Jeans and Silver Sequins

I’m breaking all the rules! Sequins for day? White for winter? I say go for it!

white jeans

Sweater: Gifted (thanks Mom!)
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Cri de Coeur

It was a bit chilly, but I can’t complain. The only white in this photo are my jeans–not snow! I like white for winter (as long as the slush doesn’t dirty your hems). I think it works well when the fabric is weighty enough (think knits and denim and heavier items). I’ll save thin, sheer fabrics for warmer weather.

silver sweater

My sweater has subtle, silver sequins but because it’s a slouchy top, not a tailored, evening piece, I don’t mind wearing it during the day. In fact, I think it’s too casual for an evening out.

denim and sequins

Are you a rule-breaker too?


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Merlot Sweater and Cobalt Skirt

For two whole minutes last fall, I had long(ish) hair. It’s funny how I wait so long to grow my hair out and then immediately get bored with it. Well, here’s a rare look at the long-haired me. A little #TBT.

sweater and skirt

Sweater: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Roots Canada
Shoes: Soda
Necklace: eBay

wedge heels and tights

I wore my comfy merlot (burgundy/wine) sweater with a pencil skirt. This stretchy skirt is very versatile. It goes with everything from blazers to t-shirts. I dressed up the simple top with a long necklace with a wing and some bling.

necklace detail

It’s officially tights weather in Seattle so I thought a look back to last year’s tights season would be appropriate. The outfit was worn a while ago but it works now. In fact, I might just wear this tomorrow!

thrifty outfit

I’m joining Happiness at Midlife, The Penniless Socialite, Style Elixir, and Rachel the Hat for linkups today. See what everyone else is wearing!


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Floral Pants and Robin’s Egg Blue

I’m wearing the wide floral pants I bought in Savannah last year. I’ve already styled them on this blog (with denim and orange) and this time I tried something different.

floral pants

Sweater: Goodwill
Necklace: The Vegan Woman
Pants: Terra Cotta
Sandals: Bamboo

I like how there are so many colors in these pants. I can pick any of them and wear a top in that shade. A deep green would look good. I can even veer into pinks and yellows. Today, though, I tried it with a robin’s egg blue shade.

flowers with blue

I found this sweater at Goodwill. It’s cropped, but cropped is back again. I wore a tank top underneath though. I don’t think flashes of midriff are work appropriate. A pair of high-waisted shorts with a crop top would work for weekend wear though. Just no belly buttons unless you’re at the beach! The 90s midriff look seems to be gone and a more subtle version is in.

robin's egg blue sweater

Of course, as with all trends, choose the ones you like and skip the rest. Heck, wide pants weren’t technically “in” for a few years–but I wore them anyway!

florals in the garden

Do you follow trends or wear what you like? Any trends that you love or hate right now?


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Houndstooth Scarf and a Wild Surprise

My mom recently sent me a couple of neat scarves (and one for hubby). I got this houndstooth number and a leopard one; hubby got a Blackwatch tartan scarf (but I might wear it too).

pink and black

Sweater: Swapped
Skirt: Swapped
Tights: Roots Canada
Boots: DSW
Scarf: Gifted

I wore my scarf with a bright pink sweater I picked up from a clothing exchange.


Halfway through my photo shoot, I heard a strange rat-a-tat-tat.

thrifty outfit

I looked up and across the street, hammering on a cell tower, was a woodpecker!

spotting wildlife

What a beauty. I believe this guy (or gal) is a pileated woodpecker.


I love eyeing wildlife–especially in the city. It’s amazing how many neat animals drop by. From rabbits to crows, they’re all so fun to watch. I’ve even seen raccoons. Hubby’s even seen a full-grown buck and two coyotes (we live near a greenbelt). I admire all the species who work hard to eke out an existence and raise their families.

After my nature experience, I picked up my purse–an amazing Susan Nicole number that I won in a raffle at the Walk for Farm Animals last fall–and headed off to work.

Susan Nicole purse

I’m joiningtwo linkups today: Lena B. Actually for Passion for Fashion and Style Elixir for Friday Fab Favorites. See what all the others are wearing!


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An Owl Sweater is a Real Hoot

When I bought my fox sweater, I also picked up this owl sweater. It’s just so cute! The fox has glasses and this guy has a bow tie. Aww.

owl sweater

Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Roots Canada
Booties: Old Navy
Ring: Roberta Oakes

I will be able to wear this with everything but, creature of habit that I am, I wore it with a pencil skirt–just like I did the first time I wore my fox sweater.

pencil skirt

The main differences between the two looks is that this time I have on tights and short boots. Last time I had bare legs and knee-high boots. Color combos and accessories really change things up so I don’t think anyone noticed that I was repeating a “formula.”

gray and blue

I’m a big fan of pencil skirts now. I wasn’t when I’d only had experiences with stiff, uncomfortable ones. But these stretchy skirts are great! I like how I can wear them high-waisted as a mini or on my hips for a knee-length option.

sweater and skirt

I’m joining Fashion Informant, Elizabeth Nygard, and Passion for Fashion for Friday Linkups. See what everyone else is wearing!


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Winter White and Robin’s Egg Blue

Who says you can’t wear white in winter? I don’t mind breaking rules so I wore white jeans. I’m also dreaming of spring so instead of playing it safe with black, gray or brown, I wore robin’s egg blue on top.
white jeans

Sweater: Goodwill
Tank: Gifted from my Tante Marion
Shoes: Aerosoles
Ring: Shop in Boston (name long forgotten)
Earrings: Shop in Seattle (no closed)

I can’t complain about the weather. Seattle is such a mild climate. The polar vortex bypassed us, leaving us to our usual rain. Flowers around here will bloom all year (depending on the type). A hearty mum does well by my front door. In summer, when it’s actually dry around here, potted plants in full sun don’t stand a chance so I switch to in-ground gardening.

robin's egg blue sweater

The real risk with white in winter is getting dirty. I took advantage of a rare rain-free day to wear my white flares. And in case you’re jealous of the mild weather, remember that I’ll still be dealing with rain in May and June when everyone else is in sundresses and shorts! It’s a trade-off.

thrifted sweater

I joined The Fashion Informant and Lena B Actually for blog linkups today. Check out what everyone else is wearing!


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Flares and Stripes

If you’ve been to my blog before, you know I’m drawn to color. That’s why I mixed so many colors (and a couple of patterns) together in this outfit. I just can’t help it!

hounstooth and stripes

Jacket: Macy’s
Sweater: Swapped
Tank: Target
Flares: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

I’ve worn these flares before (with denim, stripes, and a poncho). This time, I mixed in houndstooth.


Of course, I also added stripes, and a bright, layered tank. I made my necklace out of another, less interesting necklace. Is that DIY or reassembly? Either way, I’m happy with the results.

color and pattern

I do wear black sometimes, but when I do so, I’m less likely to take time to pose for outfit shots. That’s the real reason you see me in so much color. It’s funny. At some points in my life, you’d be hard-pressed to find color in my closet at all. These days, I can dress in all colors, without hesitating. It’s like a fashion pendulum. Could swing back one day. But for now, I’m enjoying playing with colors.

teal, gold, magenta, gray

I’ve linked up with Style Elixir,  DC in Style and Thrifters Anonymous today. See what the others are wearing!


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Accessories for a Casual Day

I’ve worn this sweater on the blog before, but never with these fun accessories.

casual look

Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Boots: Thrifted
Ring: Old Navy
Necklace: The Sapphire Bee

I loved how big this ring was when I saw it in the store. Yet it’s light, and not at all cumbersome. It’s folded fabric, and I bet I could make one just like it! Sometimes it’s easier to just buy something ready-made though.


I got this empty cage necklace from Brittany at The Sapphire Bee. Brittany is a blogger and artist and student, in addition to creating and selling jewelry. She sounds like a Jean of all Trades to me! Sometimes though, we can’t do it all, and I don’t see anything in her store right now. I hope she sells more soon. I really like her designs.

casual with accessories

I’m a proponent of “emptying cages,” so to speak. I enjoy wild animals in the wild, not in zoos, circuses or at places like SeaWorld. So, to me, this empty cage represents hope for a better future for animals. I like looking at it and imagining that a little bird has flown to freedom.

empty cage necklace


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Ocean Colors and DIY Earrings

Here’s a Throwback Thursday post. I originally made these earrings in the spring and forgot to show them off! They’re made of simple, thin strands of ribbon that I poked onto a fishhook-style earring. The best part: I got the ribbon for free!

DIY earrings

Whenever I buy clothes with built-in hanger straps, I cut off the straps so they don’t peek out when I’m wearing my clothes. Some stores like H&M use ribbon in the color of the garment, which means I have matching earring for anything I buy there.

When I pair shades of blues together, I’m reminded of the ocean. And the ocean remind me of nice weather (since that’s the only time I go to the beach). Outfits like this make me happy, even when I’m looking serious. (I’m smiling on the inside.)

cool shades

Top: target
Flares: Urban Outfitters via consignment
Shoes: Old Navy
Arm party: Various shops

I realize I’m wearing flares, and the trend is for skinnies. I still find them elegant though. Sometimes I’ll sew wide legs into skinny ones but I think I’ll leave these as they are.

sweater and flares

Do you prefer wide of narrow legged pants?


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