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Splashing in the Altantic

One month ago I was at the beach. So hard to believe. I’m not a sun-lover but I enjoy rays for a few minutes here and there–especially in the middle of a cold, Seattle winter.


Bikini: Newport News
Wrap: Shop on Las Olas Blvd.

On the last day of my Florida trip, I threw on my swimsuit and jumped around in the surf for a few minutes. I wore loads of sunscreen and went in the morning when the rays aren’t too strong. I kept my visit short–besides, I saw jellyfish and got worried that my trip would end on a sour note. I wouldn’t want to get stung!

The day before this beach visit I was shopping in Fort Lauderdale when I found my yellow wrap. It’s a perfect way to cover up after a swim. I can wear it around my waist like a skirt or up higher like a strapless dress. It was $10 well spent.

sun and sand

This is the only picture so far where you can see my bee tattoo. Of course, here it’s just a tiny blob on my thigh. Next up: adding flowers from my waist to the bee. He’s lonely, don’t you think?

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