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Leopard in the Olive Garden

I referenced my olive jeans in the title of this post and my mind kept reading “olive garden.” I changed the title so it included “leopard” instead and it sounded like there was a leopard in the garden. I give up. I’ll embrace the humor!

Spring is almost here. I can taste it. Usually, the only hints are rain, rain, and more rain, but a bit of warmth from the sun never hurts.

leopard top with red belt

Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Just USA
Boots: Novacas
Belt: Couch Guitar
Watch: Timex
Bracelets: Various shops
Purse: Crystalyn Kae

I’m always one to cover up with sunscreen but after so much gray, I was happy for a few rays. A little Vitamin D is good this time of year.

olive skinnies

I took advantage of the sun and warmth to have a look around my garden. It’s going to need a lot of work, but surprisingly, a lot of things live throughout the winter. And many flowers will start blooming on their own. I’ll fill in whatever’s missing with plants from the nursery.

in the garden

This isn’t a gardening outfit, but it worked just fine for a peek at the garden for a pre-spring assessment. I’ve worn this shirt with red pants before, so I knew a red belt would work. I wore my olive skinnies because I love olive and red and because the olive was another neutral to balance out the top. The boots pull in shades from my top too.

neutrals and red

An arm party is a fun way to accessorize. I wore my Timex and threw in a few stretchy beaded bracelets in colors that matched my outfit.

watch and bracelets

I’m joining Monday Bloom today. See what everyone else is wearing.


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Timex as Accessory

You might notice that I don’t often wear a watch in my posts. I have occasionally, like I did with my khaki Timex. But I often figure that my phone has a clock, so why bother? Well, Timex reached out to me to see how I could add a watch to my outfits. When I like a style, I often pick several in different colors, and this watch was no exception.


It’s the same as my other Timex (with silver instead of bronze-tone metal). Now that I have two, I can swap bands and wear silver and khaki or black and bronze if I like. I also found straps in other colors on the Timex site. Now I can turn two faces into a bunch of watches! I chose this style the first time because of the large, simple face and because the band is non-leather.

Timex fashion

Dress: Swapped (Tucker for Target)
Leggings: JC Penney
Jacket: Swapped
Scarf: DIY
Flats: H&M
Belt: Ross Dress for Less
Bag: Alchemy Goods
Watch: Timex Weekender

Even though I might not always need the time on my wrist, a watch is a great fashion statement. I think you’ll see watches appearing more often in my posts. Do you wear watches?

accessory details

And to wear with my watch? My fall floral dress of course! A few of you recommended skinny jeans for this dress, and I’ve done just that. They’re actually denim leggings (I hate the word jeggings). They’re perfect under a long tunic or short dress. No zipper or pockets means no lumps or bumps. My dress lies smooth.

florals, rubber and leggings

I’ve been using this recycled innertube bag a lot lately. It’s deep enough to fit my laptop and the normal things I carry with me.

dress and jeans

I’m joining The Pleated Poppy and Transatlantic Blonde for link-ups today. Check out what everyone else is wearing!

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