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Gray Cropped Skinnies and Flats

Today called for comfort so I opted for this super soft t-shirt and gray skinnies. I bought these shorts for $5 at an outlet store. What a deal! I’ve worn them dozens of times, making this a great buy.

shades of gray

T-shirt: Goodwill
Pants: Suzy Shier Outlet
Leather-look belt: Truth Belts
Rubber Cuff: Rogue City Killers
Shoes: Compassionate Couture
Rubber purse: Alchemy Goods

I’m on track to wear these flats a lot too. I bought them at the vegan bloggers conference I went to in May and I’ve worn them a lot already. In fact, they’re coming with me to New York. They’re the perfect city walking shoe.


The shoes are from Compassionate Couture, an all-vegan, eco-friendly online shop (I had the pleasure of meeting the founders at the conference).

thrifty outfit

As luck would have it, Compassionate Couture is having a sample sale right now. So if you’re in the mood for a cute bag, belt or pair of shoes, now’s the time to shop!

I’ve joined Style Elixir today. Check out what everyone else is wearing today!

Sample Sale Image


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