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Thrifty Thursday: Mustard and Orange

Something’s gotten into me lately. In the past couple of months I’ve purchased a yellow dress, yellow tote bag, and now these yellow skinny jeans. I like yellow. I never really used to. This time last year, I didn’t own a single yellow thing.

I had a pair of skinny yellow jeans in the 80s, and these reminded me of good times in middle school, senior public, junior high, or whatever you call it. I found this pair online. They’re See by Chloe and were close to $200 before they went on sale. As luck would have it, only my size was available—and they were reduced to $30.

They were on my doorstep when I returned from Santa Fe. So with sunshine on my mind, I assembled this get-up.


yellow pants

orange scarf

Top: Old Navy ($10)
Pants: See by Chloe ($30)
Shoes: Target ($15)
Scarf: Street vendor in NYC ($5)
Sunglasses: Target ($10)
Bracelet and Necklace: Street artist in Santa Fe ($25 each)

To qualify for a thrifty outfit, the total has to come in at under $100. This outfit does—if you don’t count the jewelry. And jewelry is optional (compared to, say, a shirt), so I’m going to let this slide.

I got to try a couple of turquoise pieces that I bought in Santa Fe. I think the necklace and bracelet work well with yellow and orange (complimentary colors and all). Just for fun, I added animal print ballet flats. How do you wear animal prints? Are there certain colors you stay away from?


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Leaving Santa Fe

All good things must end. And so my trip to Santa Fe came to a close. It was a fabulous city, and a great location for a long weekend of art, shopping, food, and friends.

The day before we left, my friends and I tallied up the jewelry we’d purchased during our stay. It was impressive.


We found great pieces by local designers. Turquoise was the big hit, but we snapped up pieces in amethyst and other materials too. The morning of our departure, Cheryl and I wandered from our hotel, the Inn at Loretto, to the open-air artist market next door and bought even more jewelry.

We met two artists who collect semi precious stones and polish and refine them. They will wrap any piece in silver and create a ring or a pendent. Cheryl had a turquoise ring made. They made me a pendent. Here’s my pendant, and a trilobite fossil pendant I picked up from them as well.


The jewelry shops are pricier than the street vendors, but even by street vendors prices, these guys were reasonable. The pendants were $30 each.

In my rush to get authentic Southwest jewelry while I could, I snapped up a few pieces of Native American jewelry from another artist. His prices were terrific too, and all the pieces are made by him. I bought a bracelet, two necklaces, and three pair of earrings. Their style was similar to a bracelet (also in the following picture, in the upper-right corner) I bought earlier at the Farmers’ Market.




While browsing the outdoor market, I met Takako, a Japanese expat living and designing in Santa Fe. I bought one of her fantastic silver and amethyst rings.


My other pieces, that I’d purchased earlier in the trip, include a fair-trade, hand-woven bracelet by Lilybead


And an enameled metal necklace from Dancing Turtle Studios. I found their booth at the Farmer’s Market too.

enameled necklace

I really enjoyed meeting the artists who created these pieces. The jewelry is a souvenir of my trip and will always be special to me because each piece has a story behind it.

The end of our trip wasn’t all about bling. Before we left Santa Fe, Autumn made delicious, refreshing drinks for the four of us. We named it The Blue Loretto. Here’s how to make it:

  • Four parts Trader Joe’s Sparkling Blueberry Flavored Juice Beverage
  • One part Vodka
  • Fresh blueberries
  • Ice

Directions: Throw all the ingredients in a glass and enjoy. Simple!

blue loretto

I miss Santa Fe. The sun, the art, the adobe architecture, the friendly people. All of what the city offers makes me want to go back. I hope you get to visit too.

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