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DIY Grommet Blazer Closures

Ooh! I have an easy-peasy DIY project for you! The first time I wore this jacket, I belted it; last time, I wore it open. The reason? It’s too small. But it was a thrifty find and I couldn’t turn it down.

too small

I was tired of not being able to button this baby up, so I went to the craft store and bought grommets. They’re meant for curtains, so I have 5 more sets for other too-small blazers that I might buy. I positioned the grommets over the button and button hole, cut out the hole, snapped in the grommets, and within ten minutes I had a jacket that fits!

new closures

The grommet kit came with a template so I could draw the perfect circle for the grommet. They’re plastic, metal-look grommets and snapped together without any tools.

grommets and ribbon

I bought olive-green, grosgrain ribbon to tie together the jacket, but I can easily swap it out with another color or texture: black, brown, yellow, silky cord, even chain!

up close grommets

I got compliments on this look when I wore it to work–and best of all, it’s not a hack job. It looks like it was made this way!

my outfit

Blazer: Goodwill
T-shirt: Target
Jeans: Jessica Simpson via swapped
Belt: The Vegan Collection
Boots: Novacas

I’ve got to call out my shoes. They’re part of a mini-spree I went on at The Chocolate Shoebox, a vegan shoe and chocolate shop in Seattle. The brick and mortar store is closing and times are tough so I thought I’d support a local, ethical, small business. The boots will cost me 5 points (according to the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge I’m taking part in), but I don’t mind one bit! I got the belt too, but belts aren’t on the list.


These are by Novacas, an all-vegan shoe company that focuses on recycled materials, quality construction, and fair labor. They’re made in Portugal, feel like real suede, are comfy as heck, and don’t make my feet sweaty.

taupe microfiber

I’ve wanted a pair of Novacas for a while now and I’m thrilled to have these ones. I also bought a pair of tall boots, a pair of shoes, four pair of socks, and two t-shirts. Add to that the cardigan I bought a few weeks ago and I’m down to 42 points to spend before I have to start donating to charity!


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Playing with Texture: Metallic and Velvet

Talk about rule-breaking! I’ve gone out on a limb with this fun get-up and I don’t regret it. I saw these silver boots online and thought, “why not?” They’re comfortable and futuristic. I threw on my purple velvet shorts again. (I have to prove that the purchase wasn’t a bad idea, and it isn’t. I just want to wear these often enough to get the cost-per-wear low enough to justify the impulse.)

velvet shorts

turquoise tank

Blazer: Smart Set via Goodwill
Tank: Gifted
Shorts: Lulu’s
Belt: Target
Tights: Target
Socks: Sock Dreams
Boots: Dirty Laundry

The blazer pulls the outfit together. It’s still crazy, but I feel really cutting-edge wearing this. I love the color of the shorts and find the shades of gray tones things down a bit.

I grabbed this tank out of my tank drawer and thought it added the right pop of light-and-bright. I wore this out with my crafting friends, but I’d wear it almost anywhere: shopping, the movies, sightseeing. It’s versatile and relaxed but more interesting than jeans and a T.

silver boots

Do you wear unorthodox outfits? What’s a fashion risk you’ve taken lately?


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