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Merlot Sweater and Cobalt Skirt

For two whole minutes last fall, I had long(ish) hair. It’s funny how I wait so long to grow my hair out and then immediately get bored with it. Well, here’s a rare look at the long-haired me. A little #TBT.

sweater and skirt

Sweater: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Roots Canada
Shoes: Soda
Necklace: eBay

wedge heels and tights

I wore my comfy merlot (burgundy/wine) sweater with a pencil skirt. This stretchy skirt is very versatile. It goes with everything from blazers to t-shirts. I dressed up the simple top with a long necklace with a wing and some bling.

necklace detail

It’s officially tights weather in Seattle so I thought a look back to last year’s tights season would be appropriate. The outfit was worn a while ago but it works now. In fact, I might just wear this tomorrow!

thrifty outfit

I’m joining Happiness at Midlife, The Penniless Socialite, Style Elixir, and Rachel the Hat for linkups today. See what everyone else is wearing!


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Embracing Mom Jeans

For years, I steered clear of light-wash, high-waisted, tapered jeans (also known as Mom jeans). In fact, I helped my mom ditch that style for a more modern, dark-wash, bootcut version.

I still don’t want pleated jeans, and a tapered ankle with extra fabric in the hip isn’t the most flattering cut; however, I’m digging the light wash for summer–and the bit of lycra in this pair is comfortable, as is the higher waist.

mom jeans

Top: Swapped
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Macy’s

I bought these at Goodwill–intentionally! I was reading a fellow Seattle blogger’s post about the benefits of mom jeans and thought I’d look for something with the butt-lifting properties she wrote about.

faded denim

The key here, I think, is that I am not wearing a quilted cat-themed vest. Ha! No, the key is cuffing the pants, throwing on some heels, and making the look carefree and fun.

tall blue shoes

I chose sky-high platform wedges in a fun blue faux-suede.

jeans and a T

Would you try mom jeans, version II: The remix?

I’m linking up with Visible monday today. Check out what the others are wearing.



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Houndstooth, Paisley and Stripes

I went all out with monochromatic pattern-mixing today. I was slow to embrace the trend, but I’ve learned to love it. I just don’t always like to think too hard about how my clothing items work together as an outfit. That’s why I don’t mix patterns a lot.


Coat: Macy’s
Shirt: Marshalls
Skirt: Swapped
Tights: Roots Canada
Shoes: Soda
Scarf: Fred Meyer’s
Necklace: JC Penney

Black and white is the common theme that ties the patterns together. Finding a theme made it easier to mix and match. Plus, stripes are practically a neutral. They go with everything.

paisley skirt

I added a pop of color with my hot pink infinity scarf–it’s still so gray in Seattle that I needed something to cheer myself up. The flowers in my garden (or lack thereof) won’t help for a while. And the rats are gloomy too. I stenciled those rats on my fence as an homage to Banksy. Or was he really here?

stripes and paisley

My wedge platforms complete the outfit. They’re fun and surprisingly practical. At least I won’t sink into the grass like I would in heels!

black and white

Do you have winter-spring transition outfits?

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Head in the Clouds

I have an astronomical theme going on today. I learned that if you wear tall enough shoes, your head will be in the clouds. Mine looks to be flirting with the morning fog.

blue and yellow

Sweater: JC Penney
Skirt: Forever 21
Jacket: Thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Purse: Forever 21
Belt: Steve Madden via Ross

And what goes with clouds? The sun and the moon and the stars–and stars are on my sweater! I liked this top when I saw it in the clearance section of JCP. Partly because of the great color combo (and stars) but especially because it’s reversible! Don’t be fooled if you see me wearing a blue sweater with yellow stars. It’s this ol’ thing.

stars and denim

I really wish (upon my starry shirt) that all clothes were reversible. Imagine the options? My wardrobe would double.

pencil skirt

I lucked out this spring when I visited Payless and found thse faux suede platform wedges. I’d gone in looking for flats but all the flats I tried on were uncomfortable. I tried these on, just for fun, and wouldn’t you know it: they were comfortable! No, I won’t be walking all day in them, but for a tall shoe, I’m impressed! No pinching or rubbing.

blue skirt

Do you wear heels and flats or do you gravitate toward one type of shoe?

This is my first time linking up with Lena B Actually (another Canadian blogger-yay!) I’m really happy to get the chance to discover even more amazing bloggers. I’m also linking up with Style Elixir again. Won’t you see what everyone else is up to?


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Staying Cool in the Heat Wave

It sounds unreal, but Seattle does get heat waves from time to time. We’re in the middle of the one hitting the West right now–and there’s no sign of letting up.

florals and shorts

Fedora: Payless
Top: Goodwill
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Luo Luo (from Amazon)
Faux leather purse: Target

All I can do is dress light and drink lots. Instead of blow-drying my hair or straightening it, I add a surf spray texturizer and let it get a bit wavy. My hair is naturally pretty straight so this is as much wave as I can coax out of it. As least wind and sweat won’t make it look worse!

woman and dog

To keep the sun off my head, I tried out my new fedora. I have to say, I love it! The straw is great for summer and it doesn’t trap the heat like most hats do. Fun fact: Did you know the fedora was originally a woman’s hat? The word comes from the title of an 1882 play. The main character, Princess Fédora, was played by Sarah Bernhard, who wore a center-creased, soft brimmed hat on stage. Women’s rights activists adopted the fashion right away. Men didn’t start to wear fedoras until the 1920s.

white shorts

In my 30s, I swore off shorts, but a couple of years ago, I brought them back into my wardrobe. I used to think they were too casual, but with a pair of wedges, they’re fun. These ones are faux leather, come in nine colors, and are on sale for less than $25! It was hard to choose, but I do like the blue.

purple accents

I balanced out my outfit with a loose, billowy top. It’s much cooler than something body-hugging anyway. I found this floral top at Goodwill. It was a size too big, but tucking in one side seems to make it work.

wedge sandals

What are your tricks for staying cool in the heat? Maybe some of the women participating in Visible Monday have ideas!


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DIY Glitter Heels

I recently took a pair of shoes from boho to disco. I really liked these cork-wrapped wedges but the cork had bubbled a bit, was scuffed, and wrinkled.


They looked older than they were.


I decided to remove the cork and replace it with sparkles! I carefully peeled off the cork and cut the edges away.

removing cork

Then I taped up the part of the shoe that I didn’t want to be sparkly.


I sprayed on a coat of sparkly fabric paint by I was a bit disappointed with the results.

fabric spray

So I went back to the craft store and bought a container of loose glitter. I painted white glue on the wedges, poured glitter over them, and shook the extra glitter off.



the results

This was an easy project and next time I sparkle up some heels I won’t even have to tape the rest of the shoe. The glitter sticks only to the glue. I bought the glitter for less than $5 and the time to complete this project was about an hour.

I almost forgot to mention that I added this post to Citizen Rosebud’s Shoe Shine group linkup. Have a look at everyone else’s dazzling footwear!


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