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Gray and White Thrifty Look

I just came back from vacation in Germany and while I sort, edit and cull my photos, I thought I’d share a thrifty look I wore shortly before I left for my trip.

gray and white

Top: Swapped
Pants: Suzy Shier
Shoes: Swapped
Bag: Thrifted

I picked up this top at a clothing exchanges a few years ago. It belonged to my friend Andrea, whose style I admire. At another clothing exchange, my friend Kristin handed these awesome wedges to me. She knew they were my size and, since I love her style sense too, she knew I’d like these.

gray fabric wedges and cords

The shoes and top work great with my cropped cords. I’ve had these for years. And they were only $5 from the Suzy Shier outlet in Cambridge, Ontario, the town my parents lived in for a while.

flowy top and cropped cords

My Harvey’s seatbelt bag was thrifted, and was also about $5, making this one of the least expensive outfits I own. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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Mint Green Scooter Dress

I’m so happy with my new minty green mini dress. I love mod, 60s-inspired designs and fell in love with the Mondrian-esque color-blocking on this number.

scooter dress

Dress: Lois Eastlund
Shoes: Adrienne Vitadini
Bag: Forever 21

I was lucky to stumble into a pop-up shop when I spent the day in Chelsea last month and when I saw the dresses in the Lois Eastlund display, I had a hard time deciding.

stewardess dress

So I picked two: this summer sale number and a blue and black shift from her fall line.

minty dress

Even though this is a summery style, I plan on wearing it with a cardi and knee-high boots when the weather cools. For today though, I paired this shift with my polypropylene wedges–they’re stretchy like a Body Glove swimsuit!

back view

Luckily Seattle is experiencing one last heat wave before fall hits so I can continue enjoying my summer clothes. Are you clinging to summer or have you switched into autumn wear?

Oh, I’m linking up with the Style Informant today. Check out what everyone else is wearing!


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Red Wedges for the Conference

I’m usually a light packer. Carry-on restrictions force me to edit my travel wardrobe. But this past weekend I didn’t have as many limitations. I drove to Portland for a vegan bloggers conference. I might have packed five pair of shoes but I’m not admitting to anything!

stripes and khaki

Top: Swapped
Pants: Swapped
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: The Vegan Woman
Bracelets: Boutique on Bainbridge Island
Tote: NARN

Part of my wardrobe dilemma was weather. Rain, sun, warm days, cool nights. It’s hard to pack for all that. I packed heels for a gala, flats to go with my capris, boots for rainy days and well, the wedges were not at all necessary, but I like them.

neutrals and red

In the end, instead of packing “outfits,” I packed various items that all went together so I could assemble them on the day of, depending on the weather. A tank top, t-shirt, cardigan, and light sweater covered the bases for my tops. Jeans capris, cargo pants, and a maxi skirt gave me variety for the bottoms. A denim jacket was the perfect evening piece and worked with everything but my jeans (that’s just too much denim!).

I wore my new “vegan” necklace too (and packed a cute empty cage necklace by The Sapphire Bee). I thought they were a good fit for the theme of the conference.

vegan necklace

You can read about the pre-conference (my first day in Portland) on my other blog. I had great luck with airbnb, and I found cute shops and vegan bars. What’s not to love?


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