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White Shirt and Convertible Boots

Well hello there! I’ve come out of hibernation on this sunny day to show off some new items.


Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Nordstrom
Vegan boots: BHAVA Studio
Wristlet: Crystalyn Kae
Jacket (below): eBay

I’ve heard a crisp, white shirt is a wardrobe must-have. For years, I didn’t own one. Even now, I rarely wear one. It’s hard to keep them clean and neat. I do agree that they go with everything and are a great part of any wardrobe.


I paired this shirt with a stretchy pencil skirt and a pair of convertible boots. Yes, convertible. I’m wearing an ankle-length boot with boot sleeves for a knee-high effect. I’ll show you the look in ankle length soon.



These nifty creation are by BHAVA Studio. There’s also an OTK sleeve option if you want extra tall over the knee boots. Love this! What a great travel accessory.


I hope you’re enjoying February and that a bit of sun is gracing your day. I feel spring in the air, and that makes me happy!


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Blue Camo and a Classic White Shirt

I joined the Navy. Old Navy!

blue camo

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
Belt: Couch Guitar Straps
Shoes: Soda

Until this pair of pants arrived from oldnavy.com, I had zero camouflage in my closet. Or maybe I did. Maybe it was just so good at being camo that I couldn’t see it!

I like the unexpected color of these pants. (Well, blue camo is worn in the Navy, I think of the olive/khaki color combo when I think of camo.)

red white and blue

Camo reminds me of hunting, and hunting makes me sad, so I’ve steered clear of this pattern. But the blue camo seemed like a nice variation.

I’ve since seen professional wildlife photographers wearing camo (they even have camo cameras) so if I do get some green camo clothing, I’ll pretend I’m on assignment with National Geographic. Seems reasonable, right?

classic white shirt

And to offset the military vibe, I’m wearing a belt made of vinyl from a VW Bug. You can’t get more hippy than a Bug!

For once, I’m actually wearing a “classic white shirt.” For years I went without this wardrobe staple because I thought it would get dirty and wrinkled (and it probably will). Nevertheless, I’m glad to have a timeless item.

casual look with black wedges

I’m joining Style SessionsVisible Monday and Monday Bloom today. See what everyone else is wearing!


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