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Lucite Heels and a Wrap Dress

When I say lucite heels, you might picture plastic soles from the ’70s, like these:

goldfish shoes

Or maybe your mind went to a clear heel of the exotic dancer variety, like these:

stripper shoes

But I bet you didn’t think of a wearable shoe like the ones I recently bought:

qupid shoes

I wore my faux-leather, clear-heeled sandals with a purple Hawaiian floral patterned wrap dress I bought in NYC this past summer.

wrap dress

Tank top: Swapped
Pleather shoes: Qupid
Vegan leather purse: Shiraleah

Hawaiian pattern dress

I think the look is elegant and appropriate for the fashion show I attended with Mr. Jean of all trades at Neiman Marcus. (Click to enlarge.) The show was fun, but it was full of wool, leather and even fur. Boo for that. One ray of hope is that Stella McCartney’s fabric purses adorned many of the models. The world is slowly changing.

fashion show collage

Here are a few other transparent-heeled shoes I have my eye on (these are all by Cri de Coeur, one of my favorite ethical shoe brands):

Cri de Coeur collage

Have you considered clear heels? If so, I know a shop where you can get a matching, vintage purse!

Oh, I’m joining Style Elixir for a link-up. See what everyone else is wearing!


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Fresh Produce Spring Dress

I recently had the chance to test drive a dress from the Fresh Produce catalog. Talk about timing! Seattle was in the 70s this past weekend and it was a great time to wear spring clothing. Fresh Produce has a great collection of dresses for spring. I chose the Bali Café Wrap Dress. It arrived a few days later and I love it!

Fresh Produce dress

Dress: c/o Fresh Produce
Jacket: Betsey Johnson
Tank: Papaya
Shoes: Aerosoles
Necklace: Fremont Sunday Market

It’s made of a soft rayon/lycra knit blend and is really comfortable and wrinkle-resistant. The empire waist is super flattering, as is the v-neck. It works well with or without a tank top underneath. I love how it’s a half wrap so it doesn’t blow open in the breeze. It looks like a full wrap but it’s sewn together at the side. I slipped this on over my head and secured the ties in a bow.

Bali wrap dress

The sleeves are sweet too. They are a soft flutter style that’s feminine without being too girly. Fresh Produce has oodles of colorful clothes but since I chose a muted hue, I decided to brighten it up with my accessories.

Seattle is known for its cool, wet weather, so I thought I’d try styling this dress a couple of different ways. You know me–I like to remix and get mileage out of my clothes.

Bali dress layered

Dress: Fresh Produce
Jacket: Betsey Johnson
Tank: Papaya
Boots: Rampage
Necklace: Fremont Sunday Market
Bag: Nine West

I swapped my sandals for faux-suede, kitten-heel boots and added a denim jacket. It’s a spring dress will be so cool in the hot weather, but definitely works for cooler days too. I’d even wear this with tights and a cardigan.

Bali dress layered

Check out the Fresh Produce website. They ship to over 200 countries and have more than just great dresses. I saw great casual tops and vacation clothing too–and I have my eye on a few pieces!


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Meeting Diane von Furstenberg

I’m on cloud nine! Tonight I met Diane von Furstenberg at the Bellevue Nordstrom store. She was on tour promoting her new fragrance. I was looking for a new scent, so I popped by to sniff (and purchase) DIANE (the parfum) and meet Diane (the legend).

You might not know that my interest in style has a lot to do with my Oma (grandma). She was always a polished, fashionable woman who had great wardrobe tips. I watched, I learned, and I was lucky enough to receive her original DVF two-piece wrap from the early 1970s. I believe this pattern debuted in the ’73-’74 season at the beginning of Diane’s career.


Two-piece wrap: Vintage DVF
Tights: Hue
Necklace: Macy’s
Bag: Thrifted
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik via thrifted

I wore the outfit to meet Diane von Furstenberg. She literally invented the wrap dress and I wanted to show my appreciation of a classic item by wearing it to the event. I thought she might recognize it and be pleased that something that she designed had been worn and loved for close to forty years.

I lined up behind the velvet ropes with a lot of other women and waited for my turn. Diane was sitting on a table near the escalators. We were escorted to her one at a time for an introduction and a hello. I wasn’t trying to make a statement about me by wearing the vintage dress, but I got Diane’s attention.

When it was my turn, I walked over to her and her eyes lit up. She said, “That’s an old dress. I made that one in the 70s.” Then she asked the professional photographers to take extra photos of us together. I told her how Oma (and Diane, through Oma’s impeccable taste) influenced my style.

Here’s where it gets even more awesome: Diane offered to purchase my dress from me! She said, “Will you sell it? I’ll buy that and give you a new one.” Wow! But I couldn’t. I thanked her and told her this particular dress has a history and means too much to me.


Here's what I found on Twitter when I got home: http://twitpic.com/72wkcj

She shrugged and signed my parfum bottle and her headshot and I was on my way. But not before she told me that somewhere there’s a photo of her wearing this same dress. I’m going to find it.

Diane was elegant, cordial, and genuine at the meeting. I was elated. I’m not the “fan” type (for anyone), but I was excited to meet her and nervous when I did.

That was supposed to be the end of the story, but it got weird on the way back to the car. Like a klutz, I was walking to the parking lot when I decided to change direction. In the process, I tripped over my foot and landed on the ground. Full asphalt contact: first knee, then hip, and finally shoulder. All the while I was holding up my shopping bag so I wouldn’t break my autographed bottle.

I also thought that if I ripped the dress it would be worthless and Diane wouldn’t want to buy it from me (not that I’m selling it). The funny thing is, Oma was always concerned when, as a child, I fell. She’d run over and say, “how’s your dress? Wounds heal, but you can’t replace that outfit.” I loved it! Shouldn’t it be the other way around? But Oma said it in a way that made me feel better (even though I know she wasn’t joking).

So there I was, lying on the cement in Oma’s dress. I quickly got up, embarrassed, but uninjured. Then I inspected myself. The outfit was fine. Somehow I’d managed not to ruin it. Maybe Oma was looking out for me. It might have been her way of saying, “Thanks for not selling my dress. In exchange, here’s a soft landing.”

DIANE parfum and gift bag

I spritzed a bit of DIANE in my car and laughed at the crazy evening I’d had. Fashion is certainly a wild ride sometimes.


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That’s a Wrap

I have a confession to make: I have five wrap dresses. One was swapped (a free authentic DVF dress!); two were thrifted, and two were bought “on the cheap.” I just love the comfort and style of a wrap dress. They’re very flattering, they travel well without wrinkling, they fit on “skinny” days, and not-so-skinny ones.

purple wrap

purple and yellow

Dress: The Gap
Cardigan: Thrifted
Cami: Gifted
Pendant: Fremont Sunday Market
Earrings: Gifted
Shoes: Aerosoles

The outfit was so dark and neutral that I decided to punch it up a bit with bright yellow shoes. There’s no sense blending in, right?


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Futuristic Dress

Before I forget, check out my guest post at Oranges and Apples. While you’re there, check out all the other posts by guest bloggers covering for Franca while she’s honeymooning!

Do I look like I’m on the set of Twilight, or what? We’ve started having misty, foggy mornings lately. Fortunately the sun’s been coming out in the afternoon. The circles on this wrap dress blend together to make a pattern of their own. It feels space-agey. This was a thrifty find from Ross. Its length is perfect and makes me want to hem my longer dresses.

circle dress

pink and black dress

Dress: Ross Dress for Less
Cami: Gifted (from Germany)
Earrings: DIY
Bracelet: Claire’s
Shoes: Timberland

I think I have more items in my closet with dots or circles than any other pattern. Plaid is up there, but I’m seriously lacking in stripes and florals. Funny what interests me. What patterns are you drawn to?

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