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Sunny Stripes for Summer

I found this shirt at a clothing exchange and loved its day-glow colors. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but I took it figuring I could pair it with black pants.

striped top

Top: Swapped
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Target

However, when I saw that the yellow in the topic was the same hue as my highlighter-yellow cropped jeans I decided to put the two pieces together.

yellow pants and colorful top

Gold shoes aren’t exactly subtle either but I went with these because a demure ballet flat seemed to be a good fit for the psychedelic swirls in the shirt. It’s not often I find a shirt busier than my tattoo sleeve!

colorful summer outfit

It’s summer, and to me that means bright, fun clothes—especially ones that you can get wet! I bought a little pool for my dog so he can cool off. I enjoy dipping my toes in the water too.


What are your go-to summer tones?

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Primary Colors

I’m actually surprised that these neon pants are still in rotation. I bought them over a year ago and thought they’d be a fad. But at $10, I didn’t mind.

yellow and blue

Top: H&M
Pants: The Gap
Upcycled belt: Couch Guitar Straps
Shoes: Flexx
Ring: Etsy Rain craft fair

Well, I love the boyfriend cut and how comfortable they are. And, despite being painfully bright, I like the color. Definitely noticeable. Every time  I wear them I get compliments–or at least comments!

upcycled belt

Today, instead of wearing neutrals, I went primary. The complementary color to yellow is blue, so I thought that would work. And for fun, I added a red vinyl belt. It’s made from deadstock (unused materials) and would have been a VW seat but sat in a warehouse, unneeded, until the Couch Guitar Straps company rescued the fabric and turned it into belts and guitar straps.

green accessory

I was trying for an all-color, no black outfit. I did, at least, stick to neutral footwear. Green is a secondary color but I managed to wear by green nerds ring (it’s made of tiny candy set in resin). Not edible, but really fun.

brights for summer

On a side note, now that my hair is longer I’ve been using my Hana flat iron a lot more. I love the results and I’m glad I had the chance to try it as my hair was growing out.

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Neon Yellow Boyfriend Jeans

No one needs a pair of yellow jeans–and now I have two. But they’re so different from each other! My other pair is mustard yellow skinnies. These are cropped, loose and day-glo! Plus, I’m participating in Not Dead Yet’s Visible Monday link-up and neon seemed very appropriate.

yellow pants

Top: Street market in Florida
Pants: The Gap
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Swapped

I bought them in Boston (before my shopping ban). They were 40% off the lowers price and came in at about $17. I could justify it. I’ve worn them a lot already.

yellow and white

It’s funny: I wore these pants with a white top and leopard shoes, just like I wore the mustard ones. But I’ve also worn these with patterned tops, chambray, and bright solids.

leopard shoes

I like neon (just like I liked it in the 80s) but I seem to be collecting only yellow pieces. I should branch out and try lime, orange, or hot pink. I already have neon yellow maxi skirt, envelope clutch and belt. I’ve heard monochromatic is big for fall but head-to-toe neon is a bit much.

Do you wear neon? What colors?


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Rock ‘n’ Roll Look

After all these years, I haven’t narrowed down my look. I like boho, quirky, gothic, punky, or even preppy-inspired outfits. I dress for my mood. Still, there are certain outfits that I feel good in, and certain looks that make me feel tough. This is one of them.

yellow and black

Top: Swapped
Blazer: Laundry by Shelli Segal via thrifted
Jeans: See by Chloé
Boots: Old Navy

It’s chic, with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe. It has masculine qualities, but is very much a woman’s outfit. Even if it doesn’t look badass, it makes me feel badass. It’s Joan Jett and Chrissy Hynde all rolled into one.

rock and roll collage

It has a lot of my favorite pieces (blazer, heels, jeans) but it’s a new take on those items (embellished, booties, yellow).

What types of clothes do you feel best wearing?


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