Florence + The Machine

It’s possible I’ve been living under a rock for the past two years.  Florence Welsh has been on the music scene since 2007 and released her first album over two years ago. However, I didn’t know about her until she was on Saturday Night Live in November 2010. I have some catching up to do.Florence and the Machine: Between Two Lungs on Amazon.com

Florence + The Machine was nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy for this year’s Grammy’s. The new part of that award title makes me feel a little less bad for my under-rock living. For mainstream America, she’s new.

Florence Welch is an original, but I can’t help comparing her sound to Annie Lennox—maybe it’s the redhead Brit coolness thing, but I do think there are similarities between the two artists. I sometimes think of Kate Bush when I hear Welch sing.

I finally bought the CD Lungs. I can’t get Dog Days Are Over out of my head. It’s a really catchy song and showcases Welch’s amazing voice. The instruments are great too. Percussions, strings, some sort of mandolin-type instrument. Or maybe it’s a harp. Hey, I’m not a music writer! I just know what I like—even if I don’t have the words to explain why or what.

Between Two Lungs is a slower, hypnotic song but it’s also catchy. It also includes a unique assortment of percussion instruments. Welsh has a voice that carries the song. She could put out an a cappella album and you’d never miss the instruments.

All the tracks on the CD are great. It’s brilliant stuff! Check it out. It will take your breath away.

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  1. I just downloaded that very album for the first time this weekend, myself. So if you’re under a rock I’m under it with you.

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