Shadow Shot: Jamestown Factory

Today’s Shadow Shot post is a collaboration between my Dad and me. And by collaboration, I mean he took the pictures. I’m writing about them and posting them. I got my interest in photography from my Dad so I thought it would be fitting to show things he finds when looking through his lens.

jamestown factory

My parents are in Jamestown, NY this weekend to celebrate Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday. My dad found this abandoned factory there. I love that, through the magic of technology, he can take pictures, upload them, and email them to me across the country, and moments later I can add them to my blog.

jamestown factory 2

It used to be a furniture factory, and coincidentally, Lucille Ball’s father, Henry, worked there.

jamestown factory 3

I love the stained glass and arched windows. Even factories were beautiful in the past. There’s something eerily beautiful about this place still.

jamestown factory 4

The morning sun shone through the windows and the holes in the roof, revealing sturdy machinery that look like, with a little TLC, would still work today.

jamestown factory 5

Don’t forget to check out all the other shadow shots from people all over the word. They’re at Hey Harriet.


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11 responses to “Shadow Shot: Jamestown Factory

  1. bj

    These are about the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen. What a beautiful olden factory. The windows..the arches…Oh, My!
    Your dad got some awesome shots for you…
    xo bj

  2. The light streaming from all those old windows are so lovely. beautiful.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I love decaying buildings, and this one is fabulous!


      Sing a song of shadows
      Taller than a tree!
      Sing a song of shadows
      Wider than the sea!
      Sing a song of shadows
      Dancing in the sun!
      Sing a song of shadows—
      Day is almost done!

      © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

      Shadows in Foreground

  3. A ray of hope in what is otherwise dismal.

  4. Great pics…thanks for sharing these!

  5. This old factory looks very interesting for taking of photos.
    Very good photos.


  6. Thanks everyone for your comments! My Dad will be happy to read these when he gets back from Jamestown later today!

  7. Back from Jamestown. Had a great time.
    I enjoyed collaborating with you on this project, Jean.
    All comments are much appreciated.

  8. paulinkw

    Your dad has a keen eye for composition. A good coffee table book!

  9. Thanks for your replies. I think they’ve inspired my Dad to take more photos and share them. I like the idea of a coffee table book.

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