Red Dress Two Ways

My mom and I have similar tastes in clothing (sometimes). We have our own styles too (as I so delicately told her when I was five years old). Because there’s overlap in the things we like, we sometimes end up buying the same things. We found these dresses at a street market in Florida. They have a soft, almost terry feel with a nice stretch and a retro neckline.

There are a lot of different ways we plan to style these dresses. My mom already paired it with leggings for her birthday dinner. This time, she wore tights and boots.

mom in dress

I decided to try gray instead of black as my accent color. I removed the belt that came with the dress to see how it would change the shape.

jean in dress

I’ll try it with boots next and later with nude heels and bare legs.

I’m including this dress is my Ethical Fashion Blogger Roundup because it was reasonably priced ($20), included a faux leather belt (animal-friendly), and is made in the USA. It’s hard to find clothing made domestically and I like buying American when I can.

Oh, one more thing: My mom perfected her flat iron technique. The Hana Flat Iron I wrote about recently worked well for her smooth-haired look.

smooth hair


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10 responses to “Red Dress Two Ways

  1. The red dress is lovely, I prefer the grey accessories, it looks softer but your mum’s belt gives it a nicer shape 🙂


    • Thanks! I like how the accessories and colors change the look of the dress. I wore mine last night with black boots, tights and a belt – similar to how my mom styled it. I think the belt does change the shape nicely 🙂

  2. I like the red and gray combination. Very chic! I have gray tights but not gray shoes and I think that gray shoes are best with gray tights. I’ll have to start looking for gray shoes.

    I found a red belt in my closet that is the same red and I will wear that next time. I like it without the belt, too, for a 60s shift style, which was so popular in my day – lol.

    Everything old is new again! lol

    • Yeah, I think matching shoes to hose has a lengthening effect. If you find gray shoes, I’d like to see how your version looks! I like the red and black. When I wore my dress yesterday, I wore black patterned tights (sort of a crochet style). It worked,

  3. Oh wow it looks great both ways and I’m sure it will in the ways you are planning as well. I prefer it with the Grey as well and never would have thought of wearing it that way but it’s super cute.

  4. It’s amazing to see how you can have practically the same piece and make it look so totally different. Both looks are awesome. And I LOVE Mark and James. Love the gray shoes!!

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