Dashing to the Mall

I’m not a big fan of malls. I like to be able to go outdoors easily and tell time based on the sun. There’s something about a giant mall that makes time disappear too quickly. Plus, I like thrifting. So when I shop, you’ll often find me in local boutiques and thrift stores. I also find online shopping really convenient so I often shop at larger retailers online.

That said, I sometimes end up at the mall. My most recent trip was to Bellevue Square so I could look at costume jewelry and accessories.

black and blue

denim and animal print

Top: Victoria’s Secret
Skirt: Dress Barn
Shoes: Payless
Purse: Frye via thrifted

Denim is such a neutral canvas that I usually pair it with patterns and bright colors. Today I got dressed feet-first because I wanted my leopard print flats to be the point of interest. I kept the other pieces (top, purse) neutral too.


Where do you shop? Are you a fan of online shopping, thrift stores, the mall, or boutiques?


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2 responses to “Dashing to the Mall

  1. I also rarely visit shopping centres, I prefer proper streets. I really like this outfit, it’s simple but it really works!

  2. artstylelove

    I ❤ thrift stores to find my clothes….original and funky! Cute shoes.

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