Business Casual

My friend Suchitra asked me about business attire because a friend of hers works in an office and needs ideas about how to be creative and stylish within a business setting. I promised to take on this challenge–if she joined me in it! Suchi is very fashionable and always looks great. She was in my blog earlier too.

For the next few days, you’re going to see Suchi and me in our best business casual looks. Remember that we work in a no-dress-code environment. Adjust your look to suit your workplace!

yellow blazer and color-blocked dress

On Jean
Blazer: J. Crew via thrifted
Tank: Wet Seal
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: BCBGirls via thrifted
Bag: Nine West via thrifted

On Suchi
Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Ragamoffyn’s
Boots: Aerosoles 

I’m a big fan of blazers and cardigans. They add polish to an outfit, and are great in chilly, air-conditioned offices. I think women have a lot more leeway with business clothes. We branch out with color, textures, and styles more than men. Shirts and ties are where men add color. Women can get creative head to toe, but I hope men step it up and have fun with fashion too.

Here, I wore a velvet mustard blazer. I’m wearing jeans and a tank top but the jacket and heels pull this look together. If you can’t wear jeans at work, try a long bootcut trouser. Suchitra wore a cardigan over her color-blocked dress. Between that and the boots and tights, she can take a sundress into business territory.

What’s your go-to business look?


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6 responses to “Business Casual

  1. You two look great! Love your pink shoes and how her dress stands out because everything else is black!

  2. You both look great!! Hard to believe you can wear these outfits in July – we had a heatwave in southern Ontario!!

    • Yeah, that’s Seattle for you! We dress the same in January and June 😛 Luckily, since this shoot, the thermometer has climbed to 30 c (80 f). Stay tuned for a few summer posts before it’s back to blazers!

  3. Bindhu

    Hi, I am Suchi’s friend and it was me who she was talking about :)!! I love the looks .. it is amazing and does give me some ideas on work wear !!! Thanks you two !!!

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