Shorts and a Bright Yellow Tote

I love the look of a long-sleeved top paired with shorts. For most shorts-wearing weather, it’s too hot for long tops though. that’s why fall is the perfect time for this look. It’s a nice transition between skimpy summer clothes, and warmer autumn attire.

shorts and top

Top: Florida street vendor
Shorts: H&M
Tote: Snap Designs
Shoes: Goodwill
Necklaces: eBay (wing); Falling Whistles (whistle)
Bracelets: Shop on Bainbridge Island

The weather is still in the 70s around here, so I threw on a loose cotton knit top with dressy shorts. I’d never been a fan of shorts (and I still think a skirt trumps them for most occasions), but I have branched out and tried shorts more in the past year. I don’t think I had a pair of shorts in my closet for a long time–turns out, they’re fun to wear with tights though.

yellow bag

I’m getting lots of use out of my Snap Designs tote. I wasn’t sure how versatile yellow would be, but it is! It’s a fun piece that pops and doesn’t really have to match anything else I’m wearing. I also tried layering necklaces just like I stack multiple bracelets. It’s a fun way to create different looks with exiting pieces.

detail of tote and necklaces

I think the shorts carry over into fall. What transition pieces are you taking with you from summer to autumn?

the whole look


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8 responses to “Shorts and a Bright Yellow Tote

  1. Love the bag! It’s such a great shade of yellow. I feel the same way about shorts. It’s so hard to find a flattering pair, and a lot times they’re uncomfortable. I’ve managed to find a couple pairs, but one is so uncomfortable to sit down in! Oh well. I really the dressy ones you have on. They really flatter your legs.

  2. Shorts are actually my favorite. For me they’re a bit easier than skirts b/c you can do a cartwheel and ride your bike with little worries in shorts. It’s a little bit of a go to for me. That fit of shorts is my favorite a little loose and just short enough to look great, but not too short.

    Glad you are embracing that bright yellow! It does add a real pop to your outfit.

  3. Fun, summery look for the last days of the season. (And you have the legs for it!) Nice find at Goodwill (sandals), what make are they?

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