Last of the Fall Foliage

Winter officially arrives on December 21st, and thought it might feel like winter already in some parts, I’m still savoring fall. I love fall colors but I don’t like the reminder that the cold, wet winter lies ahead.

This is, to me, a quintessential fall look: knee-high boots, earth tones, and a jacket and scarf.

fall outfit

Jacket: Bedo
Jeans: Old Navy via swapped
Scarf: Swapped
Boots: Mia

I bought this jacket on sale last spring and had to put it away for summer. I haven’t had the chance to wear it until now, but buying last year’s merchandise at the end of season saved me a bundle. Besides, I’ve seen leather-sleeved jackets in the stores recently so it’s hardly out of style. These sleeves are faux leather, making the piece affordable–and vegan!

faux leather sleeves

I thought black boots might make this look a bit like a uniform so I wore caramel-colored boots and brought in more warm tones in the scarf. I’m looking forward to wearing this with skirts and dress pants, and of course with jeans, like I’ve done here.

autumn outfit

What fall/winter pieces are you looking forward to wearing until the weather warms up?

I’ve joined What I Wore Wednesday at Transatlantic Blonde and The Pleated Poppy. Check out all the other submissions!


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7 responses to “Last of the Fall Foliage

  1. Oh I love all those beautiful colored leaves. I don’t get to see that anymore living in FL. I am obsessed with you jacket. Gorgeous!!

  2. Great fall outfit!! I see what you mean about black boots with black sleeves but I would like to see how that would look. Have you tried it?

    I’m looking forward to wearing my red winter coat, I didn’t get enough wear out of it last year. I tend to keep it safe in the closet because it was rather expensive (even though I got it on sale), but at this stage of my life–I better wear it and enjoy it! 😉

    • I will try it with black boots too. I think it will look nice–dressier too.

      I’m a fan of wearing what you have, no matter how much it cost. Every day is a special occasion!

      • carmen

        Good advice–I like that–Every day is a special occasion! “Use the good china!” And the more I wear it, the less it will cost-per-wear!!

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