Dress Up, Dress Down: A Change of Pants

I recently wore wide-legged pants to work with a corduroy blazer. Later, when going out to meet friends, I wanted to look a bit more casual, so I switched pants. It’s amazing how one simple change can alter the whole look of an outfit.

Here’s the dressed-for-work version:

work outfit

orange and brown

Blazer: Thrifted
Tank: Papaya
Scarf: DIY
Belt: Forever 21
Pants: People Love Frank via thrifted
Shoes: Payless

And here’s what I wore out with friends:

jeans dress it down

orange and blue

Blazer: Thrifted
Tank: Papaya
Belt: Forever 21
Jeans: GLO via swapped
Shoes: Payless
Clutch: Shiraleah

I added the scarf for work because the tank was a bit low-cut. I also carried a Shiraleah clutch so I could stash away my keys and phone. I like how the slingbacks look like boots with long, bootcut pants (as long as I’m standing up).

So before buying new boots, have a look at your shoes. Can you wear a dress shoe with casual pants? Perhaps wearing socks with a slingback is unorthodox, but it was my little secret. I’ve doubled my shoe wardrobe, in one fell swoop!


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10 responses to “Dress Up, Dress Down: A Change of Pants

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my On the Tracks post 🙂

    I love that blazer so much…the color is amazing, great find!

    Also, are you a fellow Seattle-ite?!


  2. I love this color combo, Jean!

  3. Like how you wore the belt!

  4. LOVE this gorgeous jacket!

    Sarah xxx

  5. I love the jacket and the belt! This is one of the outfits I like wearing in normal days.

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