New Year’s Challenge

Oh boy. I had a wardrobe malfunction last week. No, I didn’t flash anyone, tuck my skirt into my underwear, or walk around with toilet paper stuck to my shoe. I did all my laundry and put away all my clothes and my closet shelf came crashing down.

I took that as a sign. Initially, I thought it meant I should move to place with a walk-in closet. I have a lot of clothes. But as I started picking up my stuff, I saw a lot of things I’d worn only once. There was a surprising amount of things I’d never worn–some with price tags still on them.

never worn

These clothes have never been worn

I talk about remixing but the truth is I like to shop. If I never wear the things I have, I can’t justify buying more. I’m not a Hollywood star who can’t be seen in the same thing twice. Plus, I have a budget!

So starting today, I’m not going to buy anything until I wear all the things I’ve never worn, wear the things I’ve worn once at least one more time, and purged my closet of the ill-fitting, unloved, worn-out pieces that have buried things I should be wearing more often.

worn once

I've worn these only once (I've never worn the cat; she just likes the pile of clothes)

It’s going to be hard. The first step is to turn off the daily subscription emails I get from My Habit, Daily Candy, Ideeli, Shop It to Me, and Gilt. Don’t get me wrong, I love the wonderful deals I get on those sites, but until I reign things in a bit, there’s no need to add to the problem.

Last spring one of my guest bloggers wrote about her challenge with utilizing her wardrobe. Her post came to mind when I stared down the pile of clothes on my floor.

What are your New Year’s resolutions or challenges?


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15 responses to “New Year’s Challenge

  1. Oh wow, this is great! I’m thinking along the same lines… I just went through all my costume jewelry and put together a medium sized bag of stuff to send to my sister in NYC. I can’t wait to see you in the zebra striped heels with the red accents…those are awesome!

  2. Lucky for your sis! I like having my things go to a good home. It’s hard to part with them otherwise. But if someone can use them and appreciate them, it’s okay.

    I’ll be wearing all that stuff in posts soon so the zebra shoes will make an appearance!

    • I actually prefer to gift my items that I once loved to a good friend/good home, than to sell them off randomly. I’m hoping that the good karma will come back around to me in the form of The Fairy God Shopper.

      So excited to see your new outfits!

  3. Oh my gosh, before the new year came in I looked over things in my closet and I had to get rid of stuff as well. Pants (i’m ashamed to say) I have not worn since my 2nd year in college! But now my closet has some space so you know what that means? Shopping!!!

    • It happens to the best of us! Assoon as I wear everything (or get rid of stuff), I’ll reward myself too with a bit of shopping! fun!

      Let me know what you buy 🙂 I can live vicariously through you until it’s my turn!

  4. Wow, good challenge Jean! Well if you end up with items you decide are not worthly let me know and maybe we can have a mini clothing swap!

  5. Not so fun that your shelf fell down but a good challenge!!

    Thanks for linking my guest post and I had to laugh when I looked at the outfits!

    Pic 1. I haven’t worn the grey jacket since that day.
    Pic 2. I haven’t worn the black top since that day.
    Pic 3. I haven’t worn the silver jacket (and I have never worn the same jacket that I bought in gold).
    Pic 4. I haven’t worn the coral cardigan since that day either.

    I guess I just have too much stuff!!! I think I’ll take your advice and get a walk-in closet!!

    • You misinterpreted my challenge! Isn’t the point to wear the stuff you have, not get a bigger closet? Ha ha! In fact, that was YOUR challenge!

      I do think a walk-in closet would be amazing!

  6. Seems like there’s a clothing swap in our near future!

  7. Oh no! Something very similar happened to me shortly after we moved into our house (the whole closet bar came down on two of the three sides of the closet!). I handled it a bit differently – had the husband install a new bar with insanely tough brackets bolted to the wall and the shelf. Then I bought more clothes. Okay, so I can’t take a hint. ;-D

    Perhaps you are right – time to pass some of the Never Worn and Only Worn Once stuff off to a more appreciative owner (so that I can replace them with new clothes. I’m hopeless!).

    • No, you had the right idea 😉 I went to Home Depot and hubby and I added a second shelf and a boatload of reinforcements to the existing shelf/bar. Great minds think alike, eh?

      I want to wear or donate the stuff I don’t use, but I also will keep expanding my wardrobe. It’s like a collection!

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