On the Town with Hubby

A few weeks ago, Mr Jean of all Trades and I took advantage of the last of the warm weather and strolled through Cal Anderson Park in the heart of Capitol Hill. The Hill is a vibrant neighborhood, and is the place where we both lived when we started dating. Our first shared apartment was here. I still miss having nightlife and restaurants in my backyard, but we traded it in for an actual backyard. Fortunately we’re only 15 minutes away.

Hubby in the park

Shirt: Goodwill
Jeans and shoes: Plato’s Closet
Earrings: Gifted
Sunglasses: Street vendor

I liked how cool and casual my husband was on this sunny afternoon. He wears a lot of suits so seeing him in jeans is unusual. He seems comfortable in them. I especially like his choice of shirt: pink plaid.

shirt details

Usually he’s decked out in black and I’m colorful. Today, I was in deep purple and black. But true to my style, I added a pop of color. My apple green purse.

black and purple

Top: Swapped
Skirt: UNA
Purse: JC Penney
Sunglasses: Convenience store
Bangles: Sears
Necklace: Vendor at SOWA Market
Shoes: Aerosoles

I love supporting local. My skirt is a design by UNA, which is a Seattle-based company. I’ve worn this before, on a cooler day. I also have a striped skirt by UNA and a black dress.

I’ve joined Visible Monday today. Don’t forget to check out all the other entries at Not Dead Yet!

Apple green bag


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12 responses to “On the Town with Hubby

  1. Nice! Looks like it was a lovely day to be out. Great casual outfits – for the look and for the deals!

    • Thanks! It was great. I’m afraid I won’t be seeing a lot of sunny days like that for a while. We got some great deals. And even UNA is well-priced. The skirt was $80. More than I usually pay, but it’s made right here in Seattle!

  2. Your casual look is so pretty, Jean – and your husband is very handsome! I like to shop at local stores too. Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday!

  3. What a fun day! Don’t you just love Capitol Hill? Sounds like you guys have so many fun memories there. You’re such a gorgeous couple!!! ~Sarah

  4. You know, it’s so nice that your hubby will let you post pics of him. Handsome fella! Sounds like a nice day. Hope you’re having fun with your mom!

    • Well, he’s shy, but I can sometimes convince him. I promise not to use his name so hiw coworkers can’t find him and tease him about it 🙂 I’m picking my parents up from the airport tomorrow! Can’t wait.

      • Bob Eberhardt

        Enjoy the visit with your Mom and Dad…..I hear they are holding a workshop…..your Dad will work while your Mom will shop (or should that “read” dance).

        • How did you know about the workshop? 😉 It’s true. Lots of working (on my dad’s part) and shopping (on my mom’s). We’re having fun and my place is taking shape. I’ll do a “before and after” blog post. Full wallet before. Empty wallet after 😉

  5. jangrahammcmillen

    More compliments on a Huz who will dress for the day! Almost as cute as you … what a couple. Our last home was in Seattle before we had to move south for the parents … I miss EVERYTHING there. Thanks for dressing and posting!

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