Stripes and Neutrals

Here’s a head to toe thrifty look:


Jacket: The Gap via swapped
Top: Swapped
Pants: Calvin Klein via Swapped
Earrings: Premier Designs
Cuff: Lauren Harkness
Shoes: Flexx

I got the jacket, pants, and top at a clothing exchange recently. What a deal–free clothes! My shoes were on sale at and were closer to $40 than their original $140 price tag.

earthy srtipes

After I wore this outfit all day and took off the jacket, I realized that it was a maternity jacket! Oh well, it’s still cute and I thought the boxy shape was a nod to 1950s-styled cropped coats.

sleeveless sweater

First I wore a belly band to make too-small pants fit and now I’m wearing a maternity top. Oh my! Despite what it looks like, I’m not having a kid! I just borrow ideas and styles from ladies with baby bumps.


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8 responses to “Stripes and Neutrals

  1. Love that jacket and those pants.

  2. carmen

    Great outfit! I want those shoes!!
    Is that Margo? Guess she wants to get in the action, too, since Alice has had so much exposure!

  3. Cute! Maternity? No way! Wouldn’t have known if you didn’t tell us. 🙂

  4. Kabriela

    Amazing combining and outfitin’, Jean. Before the next swap, I will have you go through my clothes and remind me how to put them together…. obviously, it never occurred to me to combine that top with those pants. Glad you did, you look fantastic! ~K

    • Were these your pants and top? Thank you 🙂 The only reason I put them together is because they were lying next to each other in my take-home pile! I’d be happy to go through your closet looking for new ways to remix. You’ve got great stuff. Lots of possibilities!

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