April Showers Bring May Florals

The May challenge by Everybody, Everywear is floral. That turned out to be a tough one for me. I’ve never been anti-floral. In fact, I love the real thing. So I was really surprised when I went to my closet to choose a floral piece and found next to nothing.

I have a black and white floral skirt, but it didn’t seem very cheery. Isn’t floral supposed to be upbeat? Then a came across this skirt. I picked this up at a clothing exchange a few years ago and it’s usually a winter skirt. I wear it with tights and a sweater.

plum floral

floral skirt

black and plum

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Swapped
Shoes: Nine West via thrifted
Necklace: Claire’s
Cuff: Greenbelts

I paired the skirt with stilettos (which by the way aren’t good for walking in the grass—unless you’re trying to aerate it). I added a recycled leather cuff for a bit of baddassery. This ain’t no garden party floral! Best of all, this entire outfit cost $40. You can bet your wild roses I’ll be wearing it again.

Check out all the other ways people styled their florals at Everybody, Everywear.


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7 responses to “April Showers Bring May Florals

  1. super cute! i like your addition of “badassery” (and i especially love that word)!

  2. Kimbercrafts

    “This ain’t no garden party floral” – haha, that cracked me up. I love the bold roses!

  3. I like the edginess of the cut out heels and cuff paired with the floral skirt. Definitely some badassery going on!

  4. Sierra

    That’s right! Don’t be fooled cause we’re wearing a flower print cause WE’LL KICK YOUR BUTT!! haha I love the large print, I think it works well with the baddassery. Look forward to seeing it with the combat boots in the future! 🙂

  5. andrea

    This skirt looks familiar but can’t remember anymore. Great look.

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