Street Style: Par for the Course

Meet Gus. I saw him 100 yards away and had to ask him about his amazing pants. I love pink on guys, but I usually only see it in the form of a tie or maybe a shirt. When Gus decided he needed pink pants, he went to a reliable source: a golf shop. If I’ve learned anything about golfers, it’s that they embrace color and patterns. You don’t have to be a golfer to borrow golf style.

pink pants

I really like how these pants are paired with a simple gray t-shirt with a subtle pink stripe that picks up the color of the pants. A dark shoe would be too severe for this outfit. Gus knew that, and chose a summery, white sandal.

It’s so refreshing that in Seattle, the land of fleece and khakis, there are guys like Gus to brighten our days.


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4 responses to “Street Style: Par for the Course

  1. I want pink pants too! Actually, I’m in the market for any pair of colored pants! =)

  2. I agree! I’m always glad when winter’s over because I get so tired of seeing the ubiquitous black fleece North Face jacket on everyone. Love to see someone doing their own thing!


  3. The golf styles lately have been awesome. It’s about time the sport took full advantage of it’s stylish abilities.

  4. Gus looks amazing! Way to rock the pink.

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