Street Style: Falling for Hats

Dave is a man of style. He appreciates a well-made shoe, and he’s fun to talk to about anything sartorial. Add to these qualities that he’s also a musician and avid motorcycle rider and, well, you can imagine what a cool guy he is. It’s especially refreshing to see a man like Dave on the Eastside: He’s stylish in a sea of software folks (who, despite their smarts, don’t usually spend much thought on getting dressed).

Dave in his hat

Hat: Byrnie Utz
Jacket: Territory Ahead
Shirt: Territory Ahead
Jeans: Territory Ahead
Shoes: John Fluevog

Dave’s a big fan of Territory Ahead, a stylish line of clothes for people with a sense of adventure. The clothes are rugged and durable, and are sourced from exciting places all over the world. But unlike a lot of travel wear, this stuff isn’t just practical, it looks great. He gets his Territory Ahead gear from the Bellevue store.

Despite Dave’s adventurous nature, this hat is his first. And by hat, I mean fashionable hat. Baseball hats are not a fashion statement (Ron Howard, I’m talking to you). Fortunately, Dave’s brother talked him into trying on some hats at Byrnie Utz in downtown Seattle. The associate helped him with dozens of styles so he could find the right one.

Some hats make a person’s face look leaner; others make it look wider. Some just aren’t the right style. So Dave’s advice for anyone looking at hats is to try a bunch. Don’t try one and say you’re not a hat person.


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12 responses to “Street Style: Falling for Hats

  1. Haha, I always say “I’m not a hat person!” This is refreshing and great to hear. Thanks!!

  2. You get the award for quickest comment! I posted this one minute ago 🙂 Thanks for reading. Now you can’t use the “I’m not a hat person” excuse!

  3. dave

    I’m now a hat person 🙂

  4. Aguavino

    I recently watched a Curious George video in which George wanted a special hat, just like the Man with the Yellow Hat. So the Man with the Yellow Hat let George buy a whole bunch of different hats to try them out until he found just the right one. But he had to deal with many critical looks and comments from his friends about the ones that didn’t suit him. Did Dave have to go through a similar trial and error phase with his hat selecting?

    I was also wondering if the Territory Ahead company uses J. Peterman-type descriptions for their adventure wear……

    • I like your pop culture references! I haven’t seen that episode of Curious George, but I can see how finding a good hat would be trial and error.

      I am a fan of J. Peterman and I hope Teritory Ahead uses that style of descriptions! There’s a fun job. Oh Elaine…

  5. dave

    you should totally write for the Territory Ahead catalog 🙂

  6. I love wearing hats, I’m such a hat person! They just seem to look good on me, and it must be in my genetics, because my brother is such a hat person. He won’t leave the house without one on his head! He doesn’t have the fashionable ones, like your snazzy guy in the picture, he wears those baseball hats and ski hats.

  7. @lucinda – Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It was fun to write about Dave’s style. He’s a real Territoriy Ahead fan. Says he owes his look to the store manager at Bellevue Square. It’s neat to see real people wearing items in their own unique way. Dave was a great model!

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