Shadow Shot: Savannah

I enjoy writing posts about art and I enjoy taking pictures and the Shadow Shot challenge is a way to participate in both. Why then, have I neglected my shadow shots for so long? I hope to make up for lost time with a few shots from Savannah, Georgia.

I visited Savannah last month on the annual trip I take with a few friends. What a gorgeous city–and full of history! We enjoyed wandering through the historic part of town and snapping shots of brick and ironwork.

American flag


I’m always happy when I see palm trees–it means winters can’t be that harsh.

Mansion on Forsythe Park

The skies were blue and the weather was perfect–mid 80s (mid 30s for all you Celsius folks!).


Is it the shadows or do those cherubs look angry?


We found a lot of tattoo parlors, each with interesting signs. Here’s one of my favorites.


Even misplaced recycling looks nice with the sun shining on it.

blue bottle

We imbibed too, at a second-story bar next to our hotel, The Mansion at Forsythe Park. I’m so glad I didn’t find out until after our visit that the hotel was built on a cemetery and the bar was once a funeral parlor. Yikes!


By day, the hotel doesn’t seem haunted at all. The pool was in a relaxing courtyard surrounded by palm trees.


Savannah is a wonderful city and I’ll add other posts soon too: The fashions, the beach, the Scottish Highland Games–we had a fun and busy weekend and I can’t wait to share more pictures with you.


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15 responses to “Shadow Shot: Savannah

  1. Wow, it really looks like a wonderful city!

  2. I’ve always enjoyed your shadow shots as well as other photography you share. They take me to places I’ve never seen and I can enjoy the beauty right here at my computer! I’m going to start adding them to my Pinterest under PHOTOGRAPHY!!

    Have a lovely weekend!! ❤

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked the pictures. Pinning them sounds great 🙂 I’m glad I can take you to places you’ve never been. That’s how I felt looking at your pictures of Costa Rica. Well, I’ve been, but I didn’t have your experience!

  3. Bob

    I enjoyed the photos…liked the Celsius comment ….

  4. Loved your shadow shots! We visited Savannah briefly and couldn’t take pictures. I am now more than ever anxious to go back! Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!

  5. Lovely city – the old style looks so refreshing in this era of cookie cutter, steel and glass. The Antebellum style is wonderful, nobody builds turrets anymore and gargoyles are so forgotten in this century. Around our small city, there is a bar that derived from a funeral home – built in the 1960s, it has none of the character seen in these Savannah treasures. I hope to visit someday 🙂

    • It certainly is unique. I showed only one set of cherubs but I did take other pictures of gargoyles and other neat figures. So fun! A funeral home turned bar sounds fun, regardless of when it was built. I do hope you get to visit Savannah someday!

  6. Lynn

    Those are all great shots, Jean!

  7. marthaflatley

    I love savannah so much. Love your pics!

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