Fashion Revolution Week

It’s Fashion Revolution Week. April 24th marks the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed 1130 garment workers.


The people behind Fashion Revolution Week encourage consumers to ask the simple question: Who made my clothes?

Looking for ethically made clothing is important so we can support companies that take care of garment workers. Fashion is a multi-trillion dollar industry funded by us. We consumers and our buying power have a lot of leverage. Let’s ask our favorite brands “who made my clothes?” and demand better treatment of workers.

For Fashion Revolution Week, I’m showing brands I love and I’m also showing my favorite mix: organic, fair trade, handmade, US made, thrifted, and DIY.


My dress is by Synergy, a company that specializes in organic cotton clothing made by women in Nepal who are paid a living wage.


My jacket is swapped. I love thrifting, swapping, and otherwise give clothing a little extra life. Plus, it’s cost-effective! I’d rather thrift and swap and save on generic items like denim jackets so I can put my money toward investment pieces like my Nicora shoes.


My shoes are by Nicora. They are handmade in Los Angeles from eco-friendly fabrics. I’m a Nicora brand ambassador. Contact me if you’d like a discount code toward a pair of their wonderful shoes.


I made my scarf from an old t-shirt. It was a simple, free project that allowed me to take a t-shirt I no longer wore and turn it into something I do wear.

That’s my formula for a perfect outfit. A US-made item, an imported fair-trade item, a DIY piece, and something thrifted or swapped. Every bit helps to change the fashion industry.



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3 responses to “Fashion Revolution Week

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  2. Thank you for making a difference in our beautiful world! You taught me to vote with my dollars–that’s something everyone can do.

    Your dress is beautiful and looks great with and without your thrifted denim jacket. The shoes are fabulous and your formula for a perfect outfit works!

    I know you are working hard to finish the store before you open the doors! We need these stores in every city! it’s wonderful to support fair-trade and ethical businesses.

    Fashion with compassion!

    ❤ carmen

  3. Cathleen Southwick

    Yes Carmen you are so right and she walks her talk in such a beautiful way like her mom.

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