D&G Giraffe Pants

I can’t believe I’m wearing Dolce & Gabbana giraffe-print pants! Never expected to own a pair until I found these at Second Time Around Consignment in Boston. Yes, I’m still showing off my haul from the Boston trip Donna and I took in June. I hit the consignment store jackpot.

giraffe pants

These retail for about $600 (if you compare them to similar styles on the D&G website), but I got them for $40. The best part, and probably the reason I’ll never part with them, is that on the inside of the waistband is a label that reads “Kimberly Gordon.” It’s completely separate from the D&G label. Could these have once belonged to Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon?


Probably not, but I like to think that they were, and that she put the name tag in them so that when the dry cleaning and laundry was done on the road, all the items could be redistributed to their rightful owners. (Although, I don’t think anyone would get confused and think these were Thurson Moore’s!)

green and brown

If anyone can confirm this, let me know. They’re a probably a size 2. Is Kim? Oh, that brings me to the only problem with the pants. I’m not a size 2. So I did what any brand-loving cheapskate would do. I bought one of those belly bands that pregnant women wear to get more use out of their pants before they have to switch to maternity wear. I have no shame. I keep the pants unzipped, layer on the smoothing belly band, and then throw on a shirt. It works! Try it after Thanksgiving dinner.

So now you know my secret. Would you go this far for a cool item?

animal print pants

I’m participating in Thrifters Anonymous and Visible Monday. Check out those sites to see what others are wearing.


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18 responses to “D&G Giraffe Pants

  1. SadieSewBaggins

    OMG Jean. I am LOL about the belly band. Love it. And those pants are R-A-D!!

    • Aren’t they? I couldn’t say no. I mulled over the idea of adding panels, letting out the darts, moving the button, but in the end, a simple belly band did the trick (and I didn’t ruin the pants!).

  2. Hm, I’m gonna remember this trick. They are striking pair of britches!

  3. Thanks for the super-good tip! Now I don’t have to leave the size-2’s behind at the thrift when they are otherwise fabulous. Love your finds, and the way you’re styling them. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Fun post! The pants have a great back story, even if it might not all be true 😉 I was going to comment on how well they fit, but now I will have to say how well you made them fit you! Haha I have the problem in reverse where everything is too big around my waist and then beyond tight on my legs. I will remember your trick, just in case, though!

    • Thanks – I doubt it’s true but it’s fun to think about. Yes, I *made* them fit. If you have the opposite problem, I might have a solution. I saw a mini elastic suspender-type thing at Joann fabrics. You can clip it to a side belt loop, feed it through the back one, and clip it to the other side. The elastic tightens a waistband so pants don’t gape.

  5. Oh my word, that’s so cool! I am going to say they are hers and run with that. Super cute look, Jean!!! ~Sarah

  6. Man, I gotta get me a belly band! Better yet, I gotta get me some giraffe pants! Great find, lady!

  7. Belly band?!? Wow, I never knew – I never had kids. What other fashion secrets do moms have?
    Great outfit!

  8. What a find. I love you idea of the waistband to make them bigger.

  9. Alicis

    I could never wear something that didn’t fit by more than a size one way or the other. I’d be too worried about the way it looked. You look awesome though!

    • I know! I’ve never done it either but it was worth taking a chance. I love the pants so much and I’d never pay full price for them. I figured at worst, I’ll wear a long blazer with them 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  10. carmen

    WOW!! Love those pants!! I’m a size two so I can buy them if you ever want to sell them. Not because of the label or if a famous person wore them – but because they have a super cool pattern!!! Never seen a print like it!! Great Idea using a belly band. I’m a mom and I didn’t think of it. Except when I was pregnant, I made my own belly band and had not heard of them.

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