Love Will Tear Us Apart Heart Sweater

Here’s another challenge for Red and Black week at Sophistiqué Noir.

Red and Black Week

I saw this sweater at a flea market in Florida this past winter. Nothing had price tags but the clerk said it was $50. I was on the fence about it. Loved it, but $50? I talked myself into it and went back the next day. A different clerk said it was $120. What? I skipped it.

Then, last month in Vancouver, I found it at Plum, a little boutique on Granville. It was $30. Yay! I didn’t think twice.

heart collage

Sweater: Plum
Tank top: Old Navy
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Mea Shadow
Recycled bicycle tire braceletPRFM
Ring: Handmade from buttons by my friend Misha
Earrings: DIY

I used to name my clothes when I was a kid. In the spirit of youthful creativity, I’m calling this my Love Will Tear Us Apart sweater. One day, when I have an extra $160 lying around, I might get this Ian Curtis dress. Until then, this top will do.


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8 responses to “Love Will Tear Us Apart Heart Sweater

  1. Love your sweater..I saw something similar to yours at polyvore:

    but i like yours better…

  2. Naaaw 😀 cuuute sweater!

  3. OMG, $120?!? It’s a great sweater, but I love the $30 price tag better. That being said, it’s tough to resist the Ian Curtis dress, regardless of the price… I’m such a hypocrite!! 😉

    You’re earning Goth points left and right this week. I’m so glad your taking part in this event!

  4. Great sweater.
    And OMG. Why do I like that dress so much? Will you please join my coven?!

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